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The 1st Black Character To Wear The Batman Mantle Is Coming…

The 1st Black Character To Wear The Batman Mantle Is Coming...

Lifted the below from the Black Superhero Fan blog.

“This September, join with us in this historic moment when the first black character to wear the Batman mantle will be the first to star in his own ongoing series.”

Wait, so a black Batman is coming then? No, not quite. As Black Superhero Fan notes: “I’m more than a little taken aback that DC actually decided to do a Black Batman. Granted he’s the Batman of Africa but still. Should I be upset that they named him after the Batplane? The name, Batwing, sounds more like that of a sidekick but I guess it’s better than Blackwing. I can’t seem to dig up much about the character other than the fact that his civilian name is David Zavimbi and he flies using a jetpack.

Hah! David Zavimbi huh? Also, it didn’t even dawn on me as I read the above that Batwing is the name of Batman’s flying vehicle. I don’t know though, I might have preferred Blackwing instead :)

Anyway… look out for the first black character to wear the Batman mantle, in his very own comic book series. This is all part of a DC Comics relaunch of its library.

Movie rights to Batwing, anyone? Will the casting decision come down to Will Smith and Idris Elba again?

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stoney grip

oh yes…..imagine the hughes brothers take on the dark knight . was from hell a failure because of box office. it certainly wasn't a bad film. the book of eli was too soulful or boring to godless people but it wasn't a bad film. the hughes brothers version of a dark knight film would not be on the level of clooneys batman and robin….i walked out the theater on that one and it wouldn't kill the franchise. it has the potential of being an instant classic visually.

stoney grip

keep it simple. batman belongs in gotham. idris is batman. hughes brothers direction. 40 plus year old batman dealing with the never ending crime of the city. pops up, scares, beats the crap out of criminals but suffers as bruce wayne. waynes behavior is so disliked he couldn't be batman. so bad he is a narcissitic jerk. rich and hated for it. no time in dealing with race of the main character. the story is all that matters. let the audience deal with the dynamics of race if they want to.


Well a few things

1. Static Shock , an original Black superheroe created by Dwyane McDuffie (R.I.P.) is also getting his solo rebooted.

2. Mr. Terrific is also getting his own solo and although he’s not the first person to hold the Mr. Terrific mantle he’s not the “black version” of it in a way that Batwing could be argued to be

2. Grant Morrison loves to pick out obscure characters that have appeared in the Batman series at one point or another and Batwing (at least the name and appearance of him) was actually first introduced in Batman 250 as a “imaginary” character of a little kid.


CareyCarey, I agree with the first part of your statement, but I think “From Hell” is one of those underrated gems. If it came out around the time Johnny Depp was a huge star, it would’ve been a huge financial success, and I personally thought it was extremely well done, the imagery, the performances, everything.

Here’s a review I wrote for it a little while back:

Seeing the film on Blu-Ray is a revelation as all the images pop off the screen and the epic sound of the film haunts your ears. The Hughes Brothers have once again made a film depicting the lower class, and it’s their most visually appealing film so far. Just like in Menace II Society, they were able to make grittiness beautiful. This is an adaption of a graphic novel of the same name by Alan Moore, and it’s certainly one of the most underrated films to ever be based on a graphic novel.

Johnny Depp is great in his role as the inspector who is called upon to unravel the mystery of Jack The Ripper, Depp exudes charisma in the role and makes you actually care about his fate. Ian Holm is also terrific, Heather Graham isn’t too bad, and the rest of the supporting performances ranges from good to excellent.

The plot isn’t that great or particularly memorable, but the Hughes Brothers’ masterful direction makes it feel so riveting and epic with great and unique imagery that brings the graphic novel to life. It’s not the plot or lack of substance that matters here, it’s the taut and exhilarating way the story is told, and the fantastic pacing that goes along with it.

Overall, this isn’t that different from the Hughes Brothers’ previous films, at least not enough to call it a huge departure, it’s still about the lower class and it’s still gritty, which is a great thing, cause they’ve mastered the subject with skill, admiration, and panache.


AccidentalVisitor, I am with you. Fat meat is greasy and we can’t change that…. or shouldn’t try to change it. You know what I mean? My daughter is one of those no pork sistahs. Well, one morning she fixed me a plate of bacon and eggs and biscuits. I took a bite of the “bacon” and asked her if she was trying to poison me. She looked at me like I was nuts. I said this ain’t bacon. she said, “yes it is, it’s turkey bacon”. TURKEY BACON?!

So… blackman batman?! Blackman BlackSpiderman?! The Fantastic Four Blackmen?! The BlackGreen Hulk?! The BlackStorm?!

Damn, what’s next, the Black Betty Boop? Black Popeye and his “Olive oil”, Bacon Grease?!

We can’t make wrong – right.


Neziah, I stand corrected. My whole comment was a buster. First, I too enjoyed From Hell. My “flop” reference was about box office sales. And… I should of said Jack The Ripper, not Jeckle and Hyde. Damn, I blew that one.

I agree, it was an enjoyable gem. I listened to The Hughes Brothers commentary (over the film) and they spoke of problems with the studio (promotion/advertizing, etc,)

Many times (for me) the commentary is as enjoyable as the movie. It was interesting to hear each of the brother’s individual responsibilities.

I’ve often wondered how that would work, or does work. If me and any one of my brothers made a film together… it would be a complete mess. You know, there can be only one boss man and we know how that goes in a family structure. But the Hughes Brothers “seem” to have distinct roles.

Anyway, I believe your review was on spot. You took me back to Johnny Depps character and now I remember how engrossed I was in the film.


“From Hell” was a poor movie compared to the graphic novel. Granted that thick text was going to be “hell” to adapt for the big screen, but I feel the Hughes and the writers watered down the graphic novel too much.

As for Batwing. Give me a break. I’m sick of seeing black versions of established characters. I understand John Stewart is jusn’t a “black” Green Lantern, his story is more complicated than that. But considering he followed the Golden Age and Silver Age Green Lanterns who were white, that essentially makes him The Black Green Lantern in most people’s eyes. Rhodey ‘s War Machine is also basically the black Iron Man and there was a black version of Firestorm recently too. I’m forgetting some of the other examples, but regardless I would prefer if comic book creators came up with completely original black superheroes.


Neziah, the jury is out on The Hughes Brothers. “From Hell” flopped and The Book Of Eli was no great achievement. It was campy and often times utterly ridiculous.

And lets be real, “From Hell was nothing more than another version of Dr. Jeckle & Mr. Hyde. Not some mysterous graphic novel.


I only recently learned that this character was around before this year. This is part of DC Comics’ attempt to diversify their character book lines.They’re not diversifying their writers as of yet, but the characters, sure.


They should get The Hughes Brothers to direct the movie adaption when it comes down to it. They already adapted Alan Moore’s “From Hell” graphic novel and did a great job.

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