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‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Spoiler: Guess Who’s (Reportedly) Back?

'The Dark Knight Rises' Spoiler: Guess Who's (Reportedly) Back?

Keeping with the wishes of Drew McWeeny over at HitFix, we didn’t put the name in the headline or the picture in the image above, but obviously, this story has spoilers so if you don’t want to know stop reading now and don’t cry to us about it later.

Anyway, according to sources that have reached out to HitFix, a major character from “Batman Begins” has quietly hit the set of Christopher Nolan‘s “The Dark Knight Rises” which if true, will certainly be another strong thread in tying up the trilogy as a whole.

Liam Neeson, who just a few months ago said he had not been asked to come back for the third installment, has apparently been spotted shooting scenes for “The Dark Knight Rises” in London. As you might remember, Josh Pence signed on to play a young Ra’s Al-Ghul in flashback scenes though right now, it’s not certain how Neeson will fit into the story, details of which are being kept close to the chest. Is Neeson showing up in a different flashback with scenes circa “Batman Begins”? Has Ra’s Al Ghul been resurrected? Has he started a new career in craft services? Who knows. But it’s another interesting morsel from a film that will work hard to keep the surprises — well, surprising. Warner Bros. had no comment when asked by the site about what they heard and McWeeny tends to have good intel, so we’re inclined to believe this has some truth sauce behind it.

All this also makes us wonder if Cillian Murphy‘s Scarecrow will also pop up. We hope so if only to get him in all three films. His character adds an interesting texture as sort of a B-level villain, plus he’s pretty damn great in the part and his moments in “The Dark Knight” were fun. Shooting continues and the film hits on July 20, 2012.

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You want to impress us with a cameo, do some editing and bring back ledger.


I hate being spoiled so much that I don’t want to lose this feeling of loathing- so I clicked the article and read it. DAMN ALL OF YOU!!!!! How dare you give me the means to click and read and spoil?


I actually didn’t care for Cillian Murphy’s scene in the beginning of TDK. It felt so odd and out-of-place. Everything about the sequence kinda sucked.


Gatorade G Series

You heard it here first
Cotillard is actually playing Talia, who has conned her way onto Wayne Enterprise’s board of directors. Both Neeson and Pence appear in flashback sequences to her past. Nothing more, nothing less.


If I could have only Neeson or Murphy return for TDKR, I would easily choose Murphy for one more appearance as Scarecrow. That would be sweet. As for Neeson, I don’t know what purpose he really serves, but if this report is to be believed, it was a one day shoot, so it sounds like a brief cameo or small scene of some kind–maybe a flashback to BB or just pre-BB era R’as (but that seems like overkill with Pence playing R’as in his 20s). Maybe Bruce has a nightmare or some kind of hallucination (Scarecrow’s fear toxin?) that R’as has actually been resurrected and is truly immortal, but then that kind of defeats some of the themes and ideas in BB, so hell I don’t know. . .



If you’re reading the fucking tags, then you obviously: A) read the article or B) are a nutjob that only reads the title and the tags.

As for this spoiler being true. Well fuck. Hopefully this doesn’t mean some resurrection bullshit. Fingers crossed for flashbacks.
And if the story has Ra’s al Ghul in it in some form, then i swear Marion is playing Talia. That name thing is just a a cover up.

Kevin Jagernauth

You spoiler babies are the worst.


Guessing not required. You put the fucking guy’s name in the tags. Bravo


i don’t want to know!
where is the surprise when every spoiler wil be in the press?
and after the journalists will say “it was so predictable”


Doesn’t putting his name in the tags run the same risk?

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