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The Hollywood Reporter’s Comedy Showrunners Roundtable: A Much Better Picture

The Hollywood Reporter's Comedy Showrunners Roundtable: A Much Better Picture

At least this picture won’t make the heads of women writers across the country explode with anger. The Hollywood Reporter gained some sanity and includes two women in its showrunners panel on comedy. The women included were Jenny Bicks (The Big C) and Liz Brixius (Nurse Jackie). It’s so much more interesting to see a picture that is inclusive.

You can watch the whole panel here.

h/t Vulture

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Below is a breakdown of the US demographics. Representation in the media should be in the same universe as the actual percentage of the population. Yes, African American and Spanish/Latin American representation should be much higher, as should some other ethnic groups. These are rough numbers.

British American – 60 million 20%
Spanish/Latin American – 50.5 million 16%
German American – 51 million 17%
African American- 38.9 million 12%
Irish American-36.3 million 11.9%
Italian American- 15.6 million 5.6%
Asian American – 14.9 million 5%
Jewish American-5.1 million 1.7%
Native American/Pacific Islander – 3.5 million 1.1%

Women – 51%


It’s not a complete shutout like the Drama Panel, but “hmmm” said it all – inclusive is a little generous. Sure America has a lot of white people in it, but we’re not even close to the point where Hollywood is representing the US demographically at the least.


Hmmm well, inclusive is one way to describe it. I competely understand that women are underrepresented in the fold. But let’s be serious…. there is still a very clear homogenous factor in this roundtable. So, as much as I love the come up of women writers, directors, executives and etc, it is important to highlight the fact that it’s still all white.

Out of all the roundtables so far -drama actresses, drama showrunners and comedy showrunners – the only non-white face has been Regina King.

A much better picture. ehhhh, that’s a little generous.

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