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The ‘Salt’ Sequel You Didn’t Know You Wanted Is Happening, Kurt Wimmer Hired To Write The Film

The 'Salt' Sequel You Didn't Know You Wanted Is Happening, Kurt Wimmer Hired To Write The Film

In the era of no-original-ideas Hollywood, even studio suits have to admit that rolling the dice on a “Salt” sequel seems a bit ludicrous. The Angelina Jolie spy film seems impressive when you look at the numbers — just under $300 million worldwide — but when you break it down, it looks less enticing. The film brought in $118 million domestic, just a shade over it’s $110 million budget. Overseas, the film fared better with a $175 million haul. But is anyone really asking for a sequel? The film is all but a distant memory and that other Angelina Jolie spy movie from last year, “The Tourist,” was met with even worse reviews than “Salt” and with both films opening at number two on their respective box office weekends, is banking on another big budget Angelina Jolie movie really the smart play here?

But Sony will press on, as Deadline reports that Kurt Wimmer (“Equilibrium,” “Total Recall“) is back to write the script which — of any of the many problems that “Salt” had — was easily the source of most of the issues. No word yet on where the story will go, but honestly, do you even care? Luckily, Jolie is playing it smart by waiting to see how the script turns out before signing on and hopefully some more sensible heads will prevail before this thing actually happens. But the first film was so poorly put together, with a story that barely held any semblance of logic that we fear where Wimmer will go from here.

Director Phillip Noyce, during interviews last winter for the home video release, announced that he wouldn’t be back for any sequels. “Those 3 [alternate] Blu-ray cuts [of the film] represent just about everything I have to offer on Evelyn Salt,” he said. “If there ever is a sequel, better it’s directed by someone with a completely fresh take on what I believe could be a totally entertaining and complex series of stories.”

“Totally entertaining” and “complex” are words that don’t exactly jive with Wimmer who has been behind such intellectual landmarks of cinema as “Ultraviolet” and “Law Abiding Citizen.” For now, the director’s seat remains open and the project in development. Let’s hope we’re all spared, but if they do make it, they should obviously call it “Saltier.”

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We love Salt and the Tourist made by Ms. Jolie, no one can handle female action star that Angelina.. she is really good. and producer love to hired her no matter how high is the fee. All give back threefold of their capital..if your lucky like Kung
fu Panda 6x in profit. Specially if she get the right project. Her fans watch in the movie house, buy even blue ray,to watch over and over. She is love overseas,no matter what critics say,she is the best female action star..original.

Good Grief

Wow, dude, that was harsh. A ton of people not only liked the movie, but think the sequel has potential and would love to see Jolie kicking ass and taking names again. Sony obviously made a ton of jack on the movie or else they wouldn’t be considering a sequel. Plus, I guess you didn’t hear that Salt was the 10th most pirated movie of 2010, huh? It was illegally downloaded about 6.5 million times. At an average ticket price of $10 that’s a whopping $65 million in lost revenue, so hell yeahz, they’re considering a sequel. Salt was the #1 PPV movie for 2 or 3 months straight and also sold well on Blu-Ray and in the rental market.

Also, Salt would have made a heck of a lot more money internationally if it hadn’t been banned by China because of the anti-Soviet/anti-communist themes. Jolie’s movies do really well in the Asian marketplace, so Salt probably would have done over $200 million foreign if it had played in China. The Chinese love Jolie and that market was responsible for over $20 million of the international box office for The Tourist. Therefore the smart move is to write a script that won’t cause the movie to be banned in China and pray Jolie agrees to do the movie. And to top it all off – sequels to worse movies thatn Salt have been made and have made money.


I love miss Angie. More for her humantarian work but I still enjoy her films. I want her to do Cleopatra is that even still happening? Come on Angie do less action films and more drama and period pieces. :)



Wimmer going back is the reason he gets rehired. People can bash Orci/Kurtzman and other writers but the main reason they get hired on stuff if because they’ll take all the stupid exec notes in stride and do them. It’s the sad state of being a writer in Hollywood. Stand up for your script, and you probably won’t be hired back to write many more.


SUPERSTAR Jolie can greenlight anything she wants. She is the Empress of A-listers. Bow to her! Be grateful that she chooses to do any film at all, wretched worm! She is among the very few who understand the proper obligation of A-listers to be larger-than-life avatars. She is a muse and an icon. Love her! Envy her! She is too good for this site to be commenting on, frankly.


I’ll second the poster down below and say that Wimmer’s original Salt script, back when it was written for a male lead, was fantastic and SO, SO much better than what we ended up with. I’m almost amazed Wimme would go back to that well again. That’s Hollywood, I guess.


I kind of enjoyed SALT. It was a solid rental, a well-made action flick with a few thrilling sequences and a lead character that wasn’t written on the nose but had some depth and mystery about her.

Let’s face it, these are the roles Jolie excels in. Of course if the movie made money, which it did, she’s going to make another one. She’d have made Wanted 2 also if her character hadn’t shot herself at the end.


Who cares about reviews The hangover with crapy reviews is a number one movie, pirates4 made over 700mil ww with one of the lowest rating. Why are you all so hard when it comes to Angie ?


This sound a total sexism to me. They are doing MI4 which made less than its production budget domestic on the third one but no one was saying anything about that.. Every action movie star doing ridiculous stuts and comes out with no scrach on them but everyone complain about the girl action lead doing the least and coming out ok.It is ridiculous.
Salt did 300mil WW that is good enough to anyone to go a head with the second.Angie is good action star, I would love to see her doing it.


Did you read Wimmer’s Salt script? About 100x better than the movie. Whoever rewrote Wimmer’s script blew it.


Dude, we get it, you didn’t like the movie. But face it, with a $110m budget and a $300m WW gross plus about 3 million copies of the DVD/Blu Ray sold- this was a solid hit for Sony. Not to mention The Tourist also brought in $280m WW, so saying hiring Angelina Jolie again is a waste of money isn’t exactly fair.

The movie was pretty solid. Entertaining as hell, and I’m sure with a sequel they will only improve on the weaknesses of the first.


Obviously, the financials are much better than you want to believe. I enjoyed Salt although I was disappointed with the way they dumbed it down in favor of nonstop action and was hoping an entirely new team would be brought in. Perhaps after Wimmer submits his draft it can be overhauled by someone else. And since Jolie will be working with Fincher in Cleopatra and maybe Aronofsky in Maleficent, hopefully she’ll also get someone good for this. We can hope.


If she signed on for the first P.O.S., how bad would this script have to be for her to turn it down?
Although I still think they should just keep the Salt shooting script and remake it with Ana Faris as a parody. You wouldn’t have to change all that much to make it work as complete farce.


yes! a new piece of junk for Jolie and she collects it

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