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‘Thor 2’ Will Drop Its Hammer On July 26, 2013; Chris Hemsworth Is Back, Kenneth Branagh Is Not

'Thor 2' Will Drop Its Hammer On July 26, 2013; Chris Hemsworth Is Back, Kenneth Branagh Is Not

Say what you will about “Thor” — and we definitely had a lot to say about the uneven movie — but audiences seemed to love it. In fact, it’s one of the only movies this summer season to come in first at the box office two weeks in a row, which in this age of big weekends followed by quick drop-offs, is quite a feat. Well, with the movie now tallying up over $430 million in ticket sales, a sequel is confirmed to be on the way.

Deadline reports that Marvel will drop “Thor 2” on July 26, 2013. Obviously, Chris Hemsworth will be back as is likely stipulated in his contract that was probably signed in blood and sealed in the fires of Asgard itself. But Kenneth Branagh will instead take a producer credit and sit the next one out (goodbye Dutch angles!).

With Hemsworth set to get massive exposure over the next couple years with “Snow White and the Huntsman,” “Red Dawn” and “Cabin In the Woods” all set to hit (and he just signed on for the black ops pic “Shadow Runner” yesterday), by the time he puts on the gear for the next go-round, he won’t just be a new face but an established star, which help push the film into bigger box office returns than its predecessor.

No word yet on the other cast members, but we’d imagine they’ll have some kind of option compelling them to return. Hemsworth will been seen with cape and hammer next year in “The Avengers.” Marvel is linking up a huge 2013 as they already have “Iron Man 3” set to open on May 3rd. Expect more news probably at D23, the Expo run by their new pals, Disney.

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nerd rage so amusing

Fanboys think Thor was tightly scripted then? LOL to the max.


You don’t know what the hell a plot hole is.


Thor had huge plot holes and many parts, such as the romance, which didn’t work. But I still enjoyed it. One of the things that did work was Hemsworth* and I’d be happy to sit through a sequel with him.

* Although Tom Hiddleston really stole the show.

Mr Anonymous

I find it ridiculous they release dates for sequels yet has a script been written, director been signed on? Nope!

Why not get the script written first, approved, find a director and then announce a sequel. Would it not be easier that way?

They may as well announce a Thor 5 while we’re at it.


That it was #1 2 weeks in a row is more a function of the competition rather than its inherent strength. Ultimately, those are trivial details that accountants and investors don’t really care about since they’re only concerned with the bottom line. But Thor is a decent performer — certainly better than G.I Joe or Percy Jackson both of which have sequels.


I’m just disapointed they are pumping out Thor 2 so soon. I’m sensing we’re going to get another Iron Man 2 type of disapointment. Plus I’d rather have Ant Man.


I’m glad we’re getting a sequel, call it flawed all you want but you have to put it into perspective, Thor is quite possibly the most difficult mainstream comic book adaptation to pull off and Branagh managed to strike the right tone and got the audiences to go along with it, it could have been a disaster. So it’s pretty disappointing that he won’t be returning, granted the legwork had been done by him but it’d be nice for continuity’s sake if the same person developed the larger world/story on screen.


Thor was alot of fun – having seen it in IMAX 3D it was a blast. I’m down for a sequel.

thor 2

so does the playlist now admit the movie was a success? still remember that whole “the sequel hasn’t been announced so it’s a flop!” post from a couple weeks back

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