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Trailer For Halle Berry’s Shark Thriller “Dark Tide” FINALLY Surfaces!!

Trailer For Halle Berry's Shark Thriller "Dark Tide" FINALLY Surfaces!!

I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that we’ve seen and heard much more about the romance that blossomed during the making of the film (between Halle Berry and her co-star Olivier Martinez) than about the film!

As much as I love looking at the woman, I wish the paparazzi and press would lay off for awhile, and maybe instead, you know, report on the film, which was shot in South Africa last summer, and we haven’t seen or heard much of since then… until now!

First, a quick recap… It’s the shark thriller titled Dark Tide, in which Ms Berry stars as a diving instructor who is “drawn to close encounters with the White Sharks that rule the shores of the isolated island on which she lives.” Olivier plays Halle’s husband in the movie, who “chooses ambition over his wife’s safety in a split second encounter with the jaws of death, leading to their marriage nearly falling apart.

The film has an American distributor, according to IMDB, but no official release date. Although, as I last reported on it, I contacted the production and sales company behind the film last month, to find out what its status was, and neither would reveal much, except to say, in an email I received from Magnet Media Productions, “We are finishing the film to be delivered in July.

No further clarification yet on what that means exactly; the sales team was at Cannes, previewing and selling the film to international territories, and apparently doing so with some success.

Can’t really say what to expect here… Halle’s stock isn’t very high at the moment, given the reception of her last film, Frankie And Alice; so, Dark Tide could actually turn out to be a significant film in Halle’s career. Although she’s attached to at least 1 high profile project – the Cloud Atlas adaptation by Tom Twyker, shepherded by the Wachowskis, with Tom Hanks confirmed to star. So, who knows.

But other than Dark Tide, which really should be out this year, she doesn’t have any other titles on the horizon. Sure, she has a bit part in the ensemble romcom sequel to Valentine’s Day, titled New Year’s Eve, which I believe will be out before New Year’s Eve, but it doesn’t appear to be much of a role. And she had to drop out of the stage play, The Mountaintop, to tackle a custody battle.

So, I’ll say she’s kind of reeling right now, and in need of a hit. Could Dark Tide be it?

Watch the trailer below and let the speculation begin (thanks reader Guilherme Griz for the tip):

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x-men fan

no wonder is still not out yet. i bet its going to go direct to dvd, its so bad! or maybe they are waiting for her to be a hit again so her stock will go up and bring buzz to this movie.


I just watched the trailer for dark Tide, I almost fell aslep it looked so boring. This may go down as Halle Berry’s worst film ever


Could never figure out on her Oscar speech she kept telling us she was black while her black father abandoned her as a baby her white mother was sitting right there? Halle Berry has always come off to me as an angry and mentally unstable woman.


Wow, this is going to be worse than Catwoman! Now that Halle is middle aged and will have to rely on talent she is going to be in trouble. The oscar was a fluke, she has been an average actress her whole career. Most of her recent films have flopped.

David J

This woman can not act, and this is a one big sleeper, Halle on broadway, lol, now I know she is in need of some mental help. Way way way overrated tramp.PS her kid is ugly.


This looks horrible!


Too early to decide, but I like sharks, like Halle… I’ll go see it. Worst case scenario, I’ll laugh a lot.


Looks interesting, can’t wait to see Halle and Olivier, those two are so frakkin HOT!!!

Gigi Young

I was just going to say that this looks like a campy hot mess like “Into the Blue” (that fleshpot ocean “thriller” with Paul Walker and Jessica Alba) and look, the person responsible for that is responsible for this. I could see this working if they market it carefully, but based on the trailer, it’s kind of….???


‘Tis satisfactory.

Says it comes from the same folk who produced “Into the Deep” and “Blue Crush”. It’s certainly on par with the others. I won’t go see it but I’ll rent it.


Nice sharks , bad acting?


Um…She should really consider heading to tv.


I agree with Darkan. This is straight-to-DVD written all over it. Her second one in a row. What the hell happened?

P.S. She’s still hot though….


That looked intense.


Yawn I want my 2:00 mins back Lol.

Movie Fan#1

Guess I now have a stalker or a troll who can use their own pseudonym. LOL


Jaws Part 5. LOL

Movie Fan

No way! This movie is not interesting at all. The storyline is not enough to draw audiences. The editing looks choppy. Halle is not that good of an actress to bring any personality to the character. Martinez is just there. It’s not looking good for this one.

Movie Fan

Is the movie still going to have a July release date? And did they ever find an American distributor?

Not true, she did not drop out of Mountaintop because of more custody issues. The producers/director of the play assumed that and so did the movie and entertainment sites.

Aubry had supposedly leased a place in NYC for months or more two weeks before Halle filmed her one week stint with Marshall’s New Year’s Eve. She dropped out because of scheduling conflicts with Cloud Atlas which is supposed to start in late August/September.

The play, started in Sept/October–woman can’t be on both coasts at the same time. Plus, it’s also rumored that she may do a series for HBO, so I don’t how Cloud Atlas and her other projects may possibly do.


If the movie lives up to the trailer, then Halle might have a hit on her hands!


Straight to DVD,,,


I hope for Halle’s sake that this movie does well.


After reading the logline/synopsis a year ago, I’m not surprised that there isn’t much to be said about the film.


I’m loving it!

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