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Trailer For Italian Film “Ainom” Starring Eritrean Actress Lula Teclehaimanot + Interview

Trailer For Italian Film "Ainom" Starring Eritrean Actress Lula Teclehaimanot + Interview

Right HERE is an interview with Eritrean actress, Lula Teclehaimanot, in the Vogue Black section of the Italian version of Vogue magazine. In the interview, Teclechaimanot talks about her role in an Italian film she’s starring in titled Ainom, which made it’s premiere this month at the Shanghai International Film Festival (trailer embedded below).

According to the interview, the film is about a young woman who is “an ex-guerrilla fighter who has fled Eritrea and now works in a ski resort in France; and though she plans to reunite with her husband and child, she “accepts the amorous attentions of Enrico, and suffers from their continuous physical and psychological violence.

Anyone familiar with Lula Teclehaimanot or her work? I’ve never heard of her before, and could not find any background information about her.

Perhaps some of our readers can help out…

Watch the trailer for Ainom below:

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lula was my friend and classmate during high school.As a human being i can describe lula as a beautiful,very kind,respectful, full of sense df humor and most of all very funny woman. I love you luletta bella


The most important thing is the reality of Eritrean women’s life in their own country and the message of the film. No matter who the actors is, as far she looks like Eritrean woman and have Eritrean womans name.


@eshowoman:do u know any eritrean woman?coz its sounds like u’re not well informed.i’ve seen the movie in Shangai Film Festival and i have to tell that it REALLY talks about the actual situation in Eritrea, and generally speaking in Africa…I’ve done the military service in Eritrea, and i escaped throught Sudan and God only knows what i’ve been throught.
@Blogger:i’m an eritrean woman , and i’m really proud of this Lula girl, coz she did a great job.As i know, this is her first movie and i’m really disappointed that the movie didn’t get on top,But she’s a WINNER to all the African woman and i really hope to meet her one day.Plz if you have other informations about her put it on the blog,
God Bless All the Woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Reminds of Long Kiss Goodnight more than Besieged. There are similarities: political theme, husband returns at the end etc… but that’s it. Thandie Newton was hardly an ex-guerilla or anything related to the military.

Love the title! Thanks for sharing. It’s intriguing.


We are the Directors and producers of AINOM (italy 2011)
We were at the shanghai film festival 2011 (official selection).
We are very happy about your interest in our work and we are looking everywhere to find different way to promote (festivals) and distribute our movie.
If you have any suggestion or questions please let us know.

Lorenzo Ceva Valla and Mario Garofalo

eshowoman, the cranky film scholar

Sounds a lot like Besieged. Why must black women always be beat up and abused in dramatic film?

James Madison

High on my curiosity list. Good post!


I’m highly curious about this. I hope we can get more details soon.


Well, this is a movie any one can be an actor. It is very hard to comment on the movie as is shown… no details.

She definitly looks like Eritrean but can not be confirmed as Ethiopians, Somalians, Sudanese and Eritreans resemble each other.

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