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Trailer For “My Girlfriend’s Back” Starring Malik Yoba & Tangi Miller

Trailer For "My Girlfriend's Back" Starring Malik Yoba & Tangi Miller

Screening at the upcoming Chicago African Diaspora Film Festival…. Malik Yoba and Tangi Miller in the romcom, My Girlfriend’s Back. The story of a man who (seemingly) has everything until his ex girlfriend shows up.

It was released on DVD in the spring. Anyone actually seen it? I know it’s on Netflix, although not as a streaming feature. has it as on VOD for $3.99, if you’re curious.

Based on the trailer below, I can’t say that I am:

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This is trash — typical trash! Why is Malik Yoba, CCH Pounder and other familiar faces stooping to such straight-to-video-looking projects? Actually, I know the answer to that: because they want to work. Understandable, but damn! “My Girlfriend’s Back” — really? Who green-lit this crap. And poor Tangi Miller — considering her acting skills (or lack thereof), sadly, this offensive fluff may actually be a step-up for her. This is sad, sad and terrible. I have no interest in seeing this piece of thrown-together “urban” garbage, and I’ll make it my duty to strongly warn my loved ones (and a few choice enemies who ain’t all that bad) to avoid this embarrassment.


I can’t stop laughing at the music. Is it me or are trailers getting worst these days?! What are CCH Pounder and Bubba Obatunde doing in some garbage like this?! Wow…


It was aiiight, I didn’t throw the TV out the window but I don’t want to see it again. You can afford to wait til it streams.

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