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Trailer Watch: Brad Pitt Stars in Moneyball, Which Could Be Oscar Contender

Trailer Watch: Brad Pitt Stars in Moneyball, Which Could Be Oscar Contender

Brad Pitt stars as manager Billy Beane in Sony’s Moneyball (September 23), a baseball movie about the come-from-behind Oakland A’s. Robin Wright, Jonah Hill and Philip Seymour Hoffman co-star in the drama adapted by Steven Zaillian (Schindler’s List) from Michael Lewis’s nonfiction bestseller. Bennett Miller, who had been looking for the right follow-up to Capote, took over the directing reins after Steven Soderbergh fell out of the Scott Rudin (The Social Network) production. Judging from this trailer, this movie looks like a winner, and an Oscar-contender to boot. With The Tree of Life giving Pitt extra cred with Academy voters, who are bound to be polarized on the film, Moneyball looks like a slow lob down-the-middle home run for Pitt.

Here’s the official trailer:

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I always remember what Bill Cosby once said about baseball: “It’s nine guys standing out in a field doing nothing”

As for The Damned United you mean it was a big flop here in the U.S. not oveeas right? No way a film abpout soccer is going to make money here. It’s a damn furrin’ Commie game kicking around a ball like a girl

Anne Thompson

If Soderbergh had directed the film, you might be right–he wanted to dig into the reality and details of the game he loves–he used to be a pitcher. But Zaillian knows how to make material wide-audience friendly, and Miller knows how to get great performances. Truth is, I am a huge baseball fan. So. But Michael Lewis’s The Blindside was about more than football. This seems to be more about two guys going against perceived wisdom, reinventing a way of looking at things–and winning. That’s the oldest movie catnip in the world. That said, Tom Hooper’s love story about Brit soccer The Damned United was a huge flop, even though it was brilliant. But it starred Michael Sheen, not Brad Pitt.


No doubt I’ll see it but I can’t imagine the film having a wider appeal than to hard core baseball fans…

Both of them

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