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“Transformers: Dark of the Moon” – Critics Hate It, Audiences Love It + Shia Likes Not Having To Act

"Transformers: Dark of the Moon" - Critics Hate It, Audiences Love It + Shia Likes Not Having To Act

It opens wide today, though there have been press screenings, as well as some midnight screenings for regular folk. I’m not at all interested in the film, so I didn’t bother with either. That last one was a long, loud, bloated mess of a film. And I think I’m done with Michael Bay movies for awhile. At least, I won’t pay to see them in theaters. I’ll wait till they’re streaming on Netflix.

Sergio already shared his early thoughts on the film (HERE), and, once again, showing the widening disconnect between critics and audiences, check out the graphic above.

So, I’m sure the $200 million film will do very well at the box office, playing well within its target demographic, ensuring that there’ll be a Transformers 4 (the first 2 films in the series raked in a combined $1.5 billion in ticket sales worldwide), though I read that star Shia LaBeoufwon’t be returning for anymore.

And speaking of Shia, watch him in the clip below explain why he likes being in the action franchise. So who’s planning on seeing this?

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I think 3 is a magic number. I think this franchise should END with a third and final installment.

Transformers is a good story (in spite of how it’s been portrayed with these films) but it ain’t no Harry Potter.

Enough is enough!


A possible saving grace for future installments=no Michael Bay. Unfortunately, that means no Shia, too which is just as well. He needs to move on from making so much ‘easy’ money LOL. Maybe the next cast/crew/creators can fashion with a “less is more” approach and maybe bridge that divide between ADHD-fanatics vs. film-critics. Or maybe not.

And yes, I’m still planning on seeing this…once I get back from vacation. Won’t be contributing to the opening-box-office revenues.


I could care less. I suffered though the last one. I’m not subjecting myself to this sexist immature dumb action shit of a movie. So yah that would be a NO. :-)

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