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Watch: ‘Apollo 18’ Trailer Is Basically ‘Blair Witch’ In Space

Watch: 'Apollo 18' Trailer Is Basically 'Blair Witch' In Space

Most of the news surrounding the upcoming low budget found footage thingy “Apollo 18” has been about it’s continually shifting release dates, never a good sign of a quality product.

Well, with a date now firmly locked, The Weinstein Company have unveiled a new trailer for the film and it’s basically every found footage horror movie you’ve ever seen except they’re wearing space suits this time. Yawn. Starring some dudes we don’t know and directed by the largely unknown Spanish director Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego, the movie uses the mythical cancelled Apollo 18 mission — that conspiracy theorists say still happened in secret — as a launch pad for this thriller. Again, yawn.

“Apollo 18” lifts off on September 2nd. Trailer below.

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Donald Pekkerface

i’d rather eat a smoothie made of a bag of dicks than watch this catastrophe. i’d much rather rather the Dark Moon film by that 4th Kind asshole.


I still can’t get past the fact that they couldn’t be bothered to make the moon walking look like low gravity. Even the new Transformers managed to follow the basic laws of physics. It annoys me to no end to watch these guys casually stroll on the lunar surface and around the ship like it’s a soundstage in burbank. Or in this case, Vancouver. I thought the reshoots that took place recently would’ve fixed this glaring mistake. Obviously not. Clearly there is no logic in this film. There is however high gravity on the moon.


Well, it could be brainless fun.

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