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Watch: Christopher Nolan & David Fincher Talk ‘The Tree Of Life’ In New Featurette

Watch: Christopher Nolan & David Fincher Talk 'The Tree Of Life' In New Featurette

Winner of the Palme d’Or and perhaps the most talked about movie of the year so far, Terrence Malick‘s “The Tree Of Life” continues its slow roll out across the country with a bunch of new cities getting the film this weekend (click here to see if its arriving in your town). And in order to keep the momentum going behind the film, Fox Searchlight continues their finely tuned marketing campaign with perhaps the most intriguing look at the movie yet.

A new featurette has landed over at Apple and it sits down directors Christopher Nolan and David Fincher to talk (far too briefly) about Malick and his approach and technique. Frankly, just as you’re getting into it, the featurette ends and we hope there is more on the eventual DVD/BluRay (hell, Nolan is so erudite he deserves his own “Personal Journey Through American Movies” styled documentary where he just talks about various films). In fact, since Malick is pretty much guaranteed not to do a commentary track, we’d love to see something with folks like Nolan, Fincher and whoever else lending their insights over the entire film.

But, we’ll take what we can get for now and if you haven’t seen the film yet, you get a bonus treat of even more new footage peppered throughout. “The Tree Of Life” hits theaters nationwide on July 8th. Check out the video below.

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Michael, you should write music reviews for pitchfork. They’re also phenomenal at using semantics to whine and bitch while never truly making a point. Bravo.


All for naught. Hypocrisy born of denial? Hubris? Nolan and Fincher are only equal to Malick in indulgent visual displays further indicating their fear of and lack of curiosity for authentic human beings. Malick’s laudable investigation of us ended most thoroughly with Days Of Heaven sputtering only infrequently to life in the wholly parochial Thin Red Line. With Tree Of Life he establishes himself as the Christian Spielberg. Naked emperors all. What pretense. I’m drawing a cleansing bath of L’Eclisse immediately.


This is pretty awesome. I think it would be amazing if they did a commentary of some sort, or at least if we got to see some more of these clips.

And Brendan, Nolan’s movies are obviously very different, but he also has several places in his films where he makes direct stylistic references to Malick. See Memento, where Leonard’s memories of his wife were styled on the memories of the wife from The Thin Red Line (actually the weakest part in the latter film, IMO) or the use of voice-over in The Prestige, or the dreamlike opening of Inception. I’m sure he knows his own films and influences better than we do, no need to jump to insults over half a sentence the guy said.


Yeah, I’m gonna go ahead and vote “no” on these guys doing a commentary track…they pretty much had nothing to say and Nolan has his head up his ass if he thinks his films are anything like Malick’s.

Kevin Jagernauth

It’s hard to “spoiler” “Tree Of Life” but if you’ve waited this long, you’re probably better off going in fresh.

John Weddell

Is it spoiler-heavy? Sitting in UK waiting for release, but keen to look at this.

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