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Watch: ‘Moneyball’ Trailer Debuts Starring Brad Pitt & Jonah Hill

Watch: 'Moneyball' Trailer Debuts Starring Brad Pitt & Jonah Hill

Update: Yahoo has dropped the official trailer, sans the hosts of “Entertainment Tonight.” Check it out below.

It seems like we just reported on the first few scenes from Bennett Miller‘s “Moneyball” — oh wait, we just did — and now here comes the first full trailer courtesy of “Entertainment Tonight“. Based on the eponymous book by Michael Lewis, the film will tell the story of Billy Beane (Brad Pitt) and Paul De Podesta (Jonah Hill), as they try to use an analytical sabermetrics system to reinvent the Oakland A’s (and baseball) in the early ’90s.

The trailer is pretty heavy on the sap, emphasizing how Beane was the laughing stock of baseball, until he wasn’t anymore. Clearly Sony wants to underline the classic, yet overused underdog story so often seen in sports movies (though it worked for last year’s “The Fighter“). We went over the film’s fraught production history in our article this morning, and though the star power looks decent, we’re moving forward cautiously as there’s always something wrong with a movie that’s been turned over this many times.

If nothing else, it looks to be a good showcase for Pitt’s acting, although his turn as a strict father in the ’50s in “The Tree Of Life” will probably end up being better, if not as mainstream. And, according to this trailer, apparently Philip Seymour Hoffman, playing the A’s coach Art Howe, has no lines whatsoever. Sports movies have been pleasantly surprising critics for a few years now with “The Blind Side” being much better than anticipated and “The Fighter” giving an entirely new reputation to the sports drama (not to mention resuscitating David O. Russell‘s career). It’s too early to say, but this could be the mainstream studio Oscar pick to watch come the fall. Check it out below (it starts about 45 seconds in) and let us know what you think of the first trailer. And P.S. Hollywood studios: premiering trailers on ET and having the hosts chatter over top is the worst. [via Teaser Trailer]

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This looks like such a piece of shit. They took a book full of knowledge and information and turned it into The Blind Side, which they may have done with the actual Blind Side, I don’t know–I didn’t read that book(both written by Michael Lewis, mention that before someone brings it up).

Brad Milne

Hey Sean buddy just to let you know they did have lines from PSH it was him talking about Billy Beane’s great theory.


This looks like they’re channeling The Social Network.


Trailer was alright (i rather watch it in HD on apple with less annoying commentary). And yeah it gets sappy halfway through the trailer (really ET, he changes baseball…forever? ) and no lines from PSH, means you fail at marketing anything.
But i feel Miller can do the whoevers script some justice (i read the one rewrite that listed a bunch of 80s punk/diy bands). This is the same guy that found a way to make Capote tolerable.


I’m surprised of the lack of ACADEMY AWARD WINNER PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN both in credit and scenes, considering the award bait feel this has as a whole.


I’m looking forward to Moneyball, as a big baseball fan and a huge fan of the book, I’ve been awaiting this film for quite some time. Unfortunately, I’m afraid that because of its fraught history, it will be too melodramatic or just straight up bad, which is sad because the cast as a lot of potential.

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