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Watch Now: Tessa Thompson in Web Series “Blue Belle”

Watch Now: Tessa Thompson in Web Series "Blue Belle"

Starring Tessa Thompson (For Colored Girls) as its title character, Blue Belle is based on the true story of a woman living two lives – one as a high school teacher during the week in Santa Barbara, and the other working weekends in Las Vegas as a “lady of the night”.

Written and directed by Perry Lang, the series strives to convey “a woman’s struggle to bring two incomplete halves of a very complicated life together.” Another central part of its storyline centers on Marcus (played by Calvin Pijlman), an obsessive and wheelchair-bound student who follows Blue to Las Vegas to confront her about her choices.

Blue Belle can be seen in 21 3-minute episodes at 3 Minute Pictures.

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nice show hey check our out it is really funny


Ever since For Colored Girls I’ve really taken in interest in Tessa. I didn’t watch it but she fascinated me the most. And it also brought me back to the fact that she was on Veronica Mars and also on a couple episodes of Heroes. After watching Blue Belle I realized that she needs to be out there more. She’s lovely, interesting and she, among many other black actors, should be given more diverse work.


nice show hey check our out it is really funny


She was great in “Mississippi Damned”.


I wish ‘Everyday Black Man’ would come to Netflix.


Hmm…This looks interesting but I have one question. How is she teaching high school students?? She looks like one herself. LOL


I’m starting to really dig Tessa Thompson!
She was phenomenal in ‘For Colored Girls’ and I recently watched her in a movie called ‘Everyday Black Man’. She’s an awesome actress and this movie looks interesting.

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