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Watch: Proof That ‘No Strings Attached’ & ‘Friends With Benefits’ Are The Same Movie

Watch: Proof That 'No Strings Attached' & 'Friends With Benefits' Are The Same Movie

So, just how similar are Ivan Reitman‘s “No Strings Attached” and Will Gluck‘s “Friends With Benefits“? Well, at one time they were both titled “Friends With Benefits” and Screen Gems had to do some legal dancing to keep the title, forcing the Natalie Portman/Ashton Kutcher vehicle to change names.

And though we usually don’t do the trailer mash-up thing, this one is pretty good and whaddya know, in trailer form at least, these movies are still pretty much exactly the same. Both focusing on fuckbuddy relationships that turn romantic, with story arcs, characters and hell, even shots being duplicated in both pretty much note for note. That said, “No Strings Attached” was pretty bad and we are holding out hope that “Friends With Benefits” might better if only because Will Gluck scored so handily with the hilarious “Easy A” last year.

“No Strings Attached” is on DVD so you can rent it before “Friends With Benefits” comes out on July 22nd and see if you can spot the differences or similarities. It’ll be the cinematic version of those funny pages puzzles in the daily newspaper. [via Vulture]

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Yah they might be similar but who cares! Both movies are going to be awesome! NSA is by far my most favorite and this one is going to be 10x more raunchy! All 4 great actors! Not complaining!


Timberlake is now a movie star. Young Hercules better watch out. JT is creeping up on him. You can never leave the gangs and JT is here to prove to Young Herc that once a mouseketeer, always a mouseketeer. Mouse for life!


I liked Combat Hospital more when it was called MASH.


I have seen both and Friends With Benefits is much better. Both the leads really go for it, plus they have help from a hilariously gay Woody Harrelson, Jenna Elfman, and another great performance from Richard Jenkins.

JT and Kunis have much better chemistry, too. But really, Portman was going up against Ashton Kutcher, so I could see how that film was devoid of charisma.


Different Head, Same Monster.

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