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Watch: Rachel McAdams Forgets She’s Married To Channing Tatum In Trailer For ‘The Vow’

Watch: Rachel McAdams Forgets She's Married To Channing Tatum In Trailer For 'The Vow'

And We Don’t Blame Her

Hey guys, guess what movie you’re getting dragged to next Valentine’s Day. We can already feel our testicles shriveling up inside our bodies.

The trailer for “The Vow” has arrived and all that’s missing is the date and time that it will be airing on the Hallmark Channel, except this is an actual thing that will go into multiplexes charging people $13 a gander. The story centers on a newlywed couple, Paige and Leo (Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum), whose lives are turned upside down when they are involved in a car accident that leaves the wife with no memory of her new partner. The husband must then attempt to win her heart all over again. Things get a slight twist when Paige’s former fiancé (Scott Speedman) enters the picture and tries win her back, taking advantage of her memory loss. From the first frame you can feel the sap running thick and hard through this thing and director Michael Sucsy has effectively destroyed whatever goodwill he earned helming HBO‘s “Grey Gardens” a couple of years ago. And Dear Rachel McAdams, we love you, but please get a new agent. You are so much better than third-rate fare like this.

Check out the fromage below or in HD at Apple.

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Tommy from Chi town

Read these comments — funny. Trailer looks fine. Movie looks fine. Whatever – who cares. I agree with Sarah/Jess or whoever they are — why do we need idiots taking money to talk about these movies? No one really cares what u think it’s a meaningless job – movies are just supposed to be entertainment u shouldn’t waste your time writing opinions about trailers when u haven’t even seen the movie! I work at a botanical gardens haha it’s not like my job is great but if u make snarky comments about movie trailers u are truly worthless.


Really she could never score a guy that hot. She’s average at most he’s well above average. Good luck with pulling off he’d marry her once let alone try to win her heart again.


This movie seems terrible. I don’t think Rachel McAddams did anything good in her entire career. Oh wait, there was Mean Girls…

Aside from that. nothing. I won’t even comment on Channing Tatum. hahahaha


Sarah and/or Jess are incredible. What they think the internet is for?

A lot of us appreciate the work the writers of the Playlist do.

We’re all adults, we can decide to agree or disagree. I like a little opinion with my trailers.


I think this movie looks kinda great I don’t know what y’all are talking about. Sure it’s typical but that’s what I want on Valentine’s Day. This looks like a genre classic – not like those stupid Valentine’s Day movies or even like Dear John. Really simple, classic story that if done well is the best kind of movie to go to theater and see. And maybe I’m crazy but I like Channing Tatum a lot from Guide to Your Saints and he was the only good thing about Dilemma that I just saw on the plane. Have you guys seen those?

Christopher Bell

Sarah = Jess ?



Between 2005 and 2009, McAdams only made two films, Married Life and The Lucky Ones. I think her time off made it clear that she wasn’t looking to cash in on her sudden fame and was looking for really good material.

There isn’t a lot of it out there that a studio will back. Leonardo DiCaprio can afford (emotionally and financially) to take a few years off in between movies, and he said in a Rolling Stone interview last year that there just around a lot of great scripts that you can raise money for, but some people just need to work, or want to work. Granted, McAdams could do some theatre, but people get older and maybe a little lazier and want to keep up their current lifestyle.

I do think this looks like garbage, but I think as with The Time Traveler’s Wife and Morning Glory, McAdams will make it watchable through her amazing abilities as an actress.

I hope she gets better opportunities in the future, though. And yeah, a new agent couldn’t hurt.


Kev, I agree with you, Rachel truly needs to fire her agent. The poor girl has lost her edge. I miss the edginess she brought to ” Mean Girls ” and ” Family Stone ” .

Jay C

I work in Hwood and I heard this movie is actually seriously good. I know it tested at a 95, which is way high (Dear John tested at a 50 something I think). Don’t be fooled by the marketing. When this movie comes around I wager that you critics might all be calling it a surprise winner. I’m curious myself.


Thanks “Kathleen Walsh” aka Kevin Jugger-whater (the writer). hahaha.

I love sites where u can comment with other people’s names


This looks like the standard romantic fare. Rachel McAdams deserves a better co-star than Channing Tatum.

Katie Walsh

If you want trailers with no commentary, don’t read a film blog. There is this website called or or where you can watch this and many other film trailers in a vacuum of context.

By the way, watching this trailer makes me want to puke a river of cheese. I’d have to be forced to watch this movie Clockwork Orange-style.

But you and your friends should definitely watch this as many times as you want. That’s the beauty of freedom of choice and opinion!

Edward Davis

Love it when teenagers post on our site.


Dear Kevin Jagernauth,

I’ve never heard of u before — probably b/c u blog on whatever site this is — but thanks for your pointless assessment of this movie. someone forwarded me this b/c it’s a movie they thought I would like (and it looks good to me and my friends) and I just had to take the time to wonder out loud — how do people like u have paying jobs to editorialize things like movie trailers? I get it if big critics want to do it, but unfortunately you are probably angry that you don’t get to work on movies and have to write for some lame blog so you take it out on films like this to feel like people actually want to hear your opinion. news flash – they don’t. post a trailer and let people decide what they think. figure it out.

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