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Watch: Teaser Trailer For Uninspired ‘Cars’ Spinoff ‘Planes’

Watch: Teaser Trailer For Uninspired 'Cars' Spinoff 'Planes'

Remember the glory days when Pixar stood as the antithesis of the sequel churning, money hungry folks like Disney and DreamWorks? Well those times are long gone. With “Cars 2” on the way, and “Monsters University” on the horizon, Pixar movies are now brands that need to be exploited, and now under the Disney banner, the slow descent to banality has begun.

Earlier in the year it was revealed a “Cars” spinoff entitled — wait for it — “Planes” was on the way and now the first teaser trailer has arrived. And yeah, it feels like something that is ready to go straight-to-DVD. Anyway, in case you’re interested, the plot will revolve around Dusty, a “small town dreamer” who, despite his fear of heights (tough break for a plane), longs to enter the most epic around-the-world air race. With the help and support of a bunch of new characters, Dusty will face his greatest fear and challenge. Hooray.

We suppose it’ll make parents happy because it will give them something else to show their kids and keep them calm for 90 minutes, but it’s pretty understandable why the word “Pixar” doesn’t appear on this thing. Anyway, it won’t get here until spring of 2013 so there’s still time to abandon this dumb idea (right?). Watch the teaser below. [via /Film]

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Nick Carver

Like you say, it’s significant that this is a Disney production and not a Pixar one.They must be ashamed by the entirely commercial motivations for this piece of cynical fluff. They’ve made over 6 billion dollars from Cars merchandise and some executives at Disney Pixar really must feel that isn’t enough. I’m very disappointed in the shift in direction for Pixar lately. I’m hoping that Brave is up to standard because they are looking more and more like any other Hollywood machine these days.


Am I crazy, or is that George Clooney as the voice of the fighter plane?


Remember when Pixar fought against the idea of a straight to video sequel to Toy Story? What the hell happened? They actually have more power within Disney now, but somehow they allow this to happen.


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