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Watch: ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Teaser (Apparently) Leaks

Watch: 'The Dark Knight Rises' Teaser (Apparently) Leaks

So, “Green Lantern” is terrible right? Well, if you’re a hardcore DC Comics fan you’re probably going to see it anyway and it looks like you’ll be rewarded this weekend for handing over your $12.

Granted, it’s not official and for all we know, it could be an elaborately staged fake, but a teaser trailer for “The Dark Knight Rises” is apparently screening in front of “Green Lantern” and of course, a copy has hit the web. Sorry ladies, no shots of buff Tom Hardy — no shots of anybody at all really. It’s a teaser is every sense of the word, lasting under a minute and mostly just serves as a reminder to audiences that the bat is back next year. But all this makes sense considering the marketing campaign kicked off last month with a fresh website and first look at Bane.

Judge for yourself below. Christopher Nolan and co. return on July 20, 2012. [ONTD]

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Oliver Diaz

Begins did not have a trailer like that… It had footage, only the dark knight teaser was like that… And that’s because it revolved around the joker. It was just a sound bite of Bruce wayne & Alfred talking about the joker, then one line by the joker himself. That works for the dark knight because everyone recognizes what they’re talking about, & who the joker is… It won’t work for rises because people army as familiar with Bane. There will be footage.


Does it really matter whether it was real or fake. Nothing was really shown besides the words Gotham and The Dark Knight Rises. Seriously, it changes nothing.


the REAL Dark Knight Rises teaser trailer has leaked! Go to


I can’t believe idiots are falling for this. Yes, indiewire, you guys are idiots, too. It’s so obviously fake. Looks more like a Halloween e-card than a teaser. Plus, the Dark Knight Rises teaser will have footage, just like Begins and Inception did.



plus the whole “storm” angle of something bad coming to Gotham it pretty lame. i think we all know Nolan is smarter than that.

if they did a real teaser I would expect something like the DarK Knight one, Bat symbol and short excerpts from the real movie.


In brightest day, in blackest night,
no fake teaser shall escape my sight!



I’m more interested in this Samantha Morton story.


Fake. Green band says “ALL AUDIENCES” Today’s Green band says “APPROPRIATE AUDIENCES.”


It’s fake because the MPAA warning is outdated. Someone on IMDB pointed out that the MPAA wording is currently “Approved for Appropriate Audiences” not ‘All Audiences.”


There are several reasons to believe it is fake.

mystery idiot

Begins and TDK had the same type of teasers a year before their release. There’s no reason to believe that’s a fake.


If that’s a fake, kudos to the guy who went through all the trouble. The audio particularly seems like good work.

Kevin Jagernauth

If you really want to see us trolling for page hits, wait until you see our Samantha Morton story….


That is fake.


who cares


Admit it, you guys posted this for the page hits.


WTF is with this franchise? That gave me chillbumps and it didn’t even show anything.

If they really do walk away and keep it a trilogy, this has a chance to be up there with Star Wars and Godfather trilogies (that felt crazy to type in 2011, but time changes everything).


omg! i can’t wait for this love the audience reaction.


and it’s the one & only reason to see GREEN LANTERN


i like the comeback of the bats literally

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