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Watch Zoe Kravitz & Edi Gathegi In New Clip From “X-Men: First Class”

Watch Zoe Kravitz & Edi Gathegi In New Clip From "X-Men: First Class"

It’s in theaters tomorrow, so, I’m not sure this clip will do much to encourage to or discourage you from seeing it if you haven’t already made up your mind either way. Nothing special; although I should add that just about every review I’ve read of the film thus far has been stellar! It seems like we may have our first real hit of the summer!

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I saw it last nite. It’s not my type of movie, There were great performances from Fassbender, McAvoy and Kevin Bacon.

However, the killing of the black mutant was sooo predictable and unfortunate.

He was a very likable character, more so than some of the other mutants that lived. He had one of the best powers too. He was able to adapt to his environment yet he was killed so easily and treated as disposable.

Why couldn’t he be a hero??! For this reason, I’m glad X-Men underwhelmed box office expectations.


So…the black superhero is a former stripper?

Hollywood never fails to stick to type.




Ehhhhhh…..wasn’t planning on seeing it regardless.



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