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Weekend Box Office (June 24-26)

Weekend Box Office (June 24-26)

Is there another studio as successful as Pixar? In the 25 years it’s been in operation they have yet to have a single box office failure. They know how to put together an extremely well made solid story with interesting involving characters better than anyone. As well as knowing how to market the hell out of their films.

So it shouldn’t come as any surprise that their latest Cars 2 is going to be a huge success just like all their other films. Despite the fact that it got perhaps the worst reviews for any film in the company’s history. Personally I don’t know why. It’s so much better than 2006’s Cars which was a long, boring, hard slog to get through. At least Cars 2 isn’t boring.

Also not surprisingly, Green Lantern dropped a huge 66% from last week. I know there were some who, in some articles and blogs, heralded this as the beginning of the end for superhero comic book movies. They’re dreaming. That ain’t happening anytime soon.

1. Cars 2 3D (Pixar/Disney) Weekend $68
2. Bad Teacher (Sony) Weekend $31
3. Green Lantern 3D (Warner Bros) Weekend $12.1, Cume $89.3M.
4. Super 8 (Paramount) Week 3 Weekend $12.1M, Cume $95.3M
5. Mr. Popper’s Penguins (Fox) Weekend $10.3M , Cume $40.1M
6. X-Men: First Class (Fox) Weekend $6.8M, Cume $133M
7. The Hangover Part II (Legendary/Warner Bros) Weekend $5.8M, Cume $244M
8. Bridesmaids (Universal) Week 7 Weekend $5.5M, Cume $146.8M
9. Pirates Of The Caribbean 4 3D (Disney) Weekend $4.7M, Cume $229.1M
10. Midnight In Paris (Sony Classics) Weekend $4.2M, Cume $28.3M

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I think there IS a difference in style with studios Dreamworks vs. Pixar.

Case & Point: Antz vs. A Bug’s Life.

The former is less polished than the latter. Also the former seemed more ‘adult’ in a way, than the latter. As Sergio has mentioned also, there’s a humanity, an emotional connect with Pixar films that you don’t always get with Dreamworks features.

Also, Antz and A Bug’s Life were released within a month of one another in 1998, which is why I posit the two.

There’s only been a couple Pixar films that I didn’t like: Cars being one of them and Monsters, Inc. being another. It’s not one of their greatest, but it was better (for me) than Cars. I’ve yet to this day watched Cars all the way through.

One more thing, by way of animated (not necessarily digital but traditional) features or studios, does anyone recall Don Bluth and his gifts given us in the late 80s/90s/00s?

Some of those features like All Dogs Go To Heaven, The Secret of Nimh, Titan A.E. were some really good stories that were in a way a direct opposite of the light and fluffy traditional animation of Disney features contemporary to them. If you were to ask (you won’t but I’ma tell you anyway lol) I love a bulk of Don Bluth films more than the Disney features, back then. The subject matter, the themes were a little more mature/adult, or rather something adults could relate to in addition to the kiddos.



Pixar films are simply better written. True Disney, Pixar and Dreamworks all mine the same shaft, plot wise, but there’s a nuance and a detail in characterization (a more human quality) that Pixar films have which the others lack.

Of the films you mentioned Megamind was the only that wasn’t made by Pixar. It was made by Dreamworks and the plot wise and especially in the characterization i was much more superficial. Pixar is well known for being a very “hand-ons” company and will spend years on a script until they get it right.

As I mentioned Cars was the weakest of the bunch. It’s the one Pixar film which everyone agrees is the worst.. They all can’t be classics


Green Lantern cost like $300 million to make didn’t it? Plus the reviews were not great either. hmm


Sergio, speaking of Pixar, what’s different in there animation style than Disney’s?

After reading this post I asked someone if they could immediately distinguish between a Pixar film and one from Disney. They said absolutely. Now, I love children’s animation films but my “thinks he knows it all ass didn’t have a come back“. Off the top of my head, I couldn’t tell you which studio made Ratatouille, Cars (had to watch it twice, it was slow, fell asleep the first time), Wall-E, Megaminds, Bugs Life, etc. So, what is it about each studio’s animation style that lets you know which studio is behind it?

The person I was speaking with couldn’t put their opinion into words. They could only say “you know man, they are different”. Yeah, different how?


Just read that a sequel to Green Lantern is being considered, despite its lower than expected box office… believe it or not.


OOPS You’re right! How did that happen? It shall be corrected ASAP


I don’t think those numbers are right.

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