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ABFF2011 Highlights: Now w/ Audio, Paula Patton Talks Being Offered Role in Akils’ “Sparkle” Remake

ABFF2011 Highlights: Now w/ Audio, Paula Patton Talks Being Offered Role in Akils' "Sparkle" Remake

Updating this with the actual audio recording of the segment where the news is revealed… listen to it at the bottom of this post.

Paula Patton ABFF 2011 – “Sparkle” Reveal by Shadow And Act


This just in from Tambay, live at the American Black Film Festival (ABFF):

Paula Patton just revealed at an ABFF talk that she’s been offered a role in the Sparkle remake that’s in the works by Salim and Mara Brock Akil (the team behind Jumping the Broom).

Patton didn’t confirm which role, but an offer has been made and is under consideration. She did say that they wanted her very specifically from the beginning.

I can take a wild guess what role Patton would play, but I’ll leave conjecture up to our readers.

So, what say you? Can you see Patton being a good fit for the Sparkle remake, and if so, in which role?

If you’re not familiar with the 1976 version of Sparkle, we’ll leave you with a glimpse of the original, starring Irene Cara, Dwan Smith, and Lonette McKee:

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she’s to old to play any of the three sisters roles they were n their teens and barely 20’s wen they made the movie sparkle i think they should just leave an already perfect movie ALONE NO MORE REMAKES.


re Salli Richardson, – she is a really good actress, under-rated definitely. But she is “too old” for this role (Hollywood old).

I do admit love of this movie may have more to do with nostalgia, but the songs are really good. Loved the scene with Sparkle and Phillip Michael Thomas singing in the studio. Ahh.


@Cordell. You took the words out my mouth. Everybody here seems to love this film so I stayed quiet. But I have to admit when I watched it years ago I thought it was a pretty bad movie. I watched part of it on TVOne this weekend and it confirmed my earlier impression. The only highlight then and now was seeing Phillip Michael Thomas.

Sparkle could definitely be improved upon but since this seems to be one of those films that take people back to a happier time, they should leave it be. It is fun to see Mary Alice, Irene Cara, Lonette McKee and other black actors whose names you don’t remember but you’ve seen them in several other movies and tv shows.

I can see Salli Richardson as Sister. Bet they’ll ask Beyonce to be Sparkle. Neh, this role is too beneath her. :D


I must missed the memo that Sparkle was that great of film that needed to be remade lol. I just saw some of the movie recently on TVOne. IMO I think they should cast Salli Richardson as Sister. I mean after watching Salli give tribute to Lena I think the role would suite her much better.


In previous discussions, some posters made distinctions regarding Black actors in Hollywood, about how there is the mainstream (White) Hollywood vs. “Black Hollywood.” Paula Patton definitely appears to be a star and beneficiary of Black Hollywood, more for her Euro-centric look rather than great acting ability.

I looked at her profile and was surprised at how sparse it was, given that seems to be discussed alot on Black hywood blogs and magazines.

However, it looks like she is finally breaking into mainstream Hollywood with her role in the new Mission Impossible movie. We’ll see if she can prove to us that she has star power.

Re Sparkle – loved the movie, but as Carey pointed out, its been done over and over and over again. I guess this concept seems to be one of the few avenues for getting a predominantly black cast on screen. But I still can’t see this again.

Just wright didn’t do great at the box office. Unless there is an investment in great writers and they bring a different twist to story it will bomb.


I think Paula Patton is VERY overrated but is obvious to see her appeal in Hollywood has to do with her Eurocentric features. I am not saying Paula Patton is not a good actress BUT she fits the white ideal and Hollywood obviously feels mixed race women are more marketable to white and black audiences.


I think Paula is a pretty woman, but she hasn’t had that breakout role yet. I would like to see her tackle Lena Horne or something completely against type.


“Paula Patton is a pretty face but as far as an actress is concerned….well…I won’t go there”

“I really don’t get the fascination with Paula Patton. Well, yes I do but not going there. :D She is just so BLAH to me”

Well, one man’s BLAH can be another man’s dream come true, and I wouldn’t kick her out of my bed. :-)

Heck, she might not be able to sing like a bird but we could make someone jealous. But ya know what, before I make my move too soon, I have to practice what I preach. So, last night I popped in my copy of “Idlewild”.

Now before I render my verdict on Ms. Patton, I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. That movie had some actors up in there… Terrence Howard (doing his Hustle & Flow thang, being the cool and handsome and dangerous brother), Cicely Tyson, Macy Gray (she fit her part to a tee), old school Ben Vereen, Ving Rhames, Malinda Williams, Faizon Love ( he was cool in “Big Momma” but he killed this part) and Andre 3000 (who I believe did a yeoman’s job). And the music and the dancing had me stomping my feet and clapping my hands.

Okay, now Paula Patton…. she didn’t hurt the movie. Her performance sort of reminded me of her part in Precious. She fit her part and did what she did without many flaws. In fact, in Precious, I didn’t see any flaws, imo, she killed that role. But it seems to be hard for her to play the sassy sexy sistah. I mean, I felt her sexiness, but I sensed that she didn’t feel comfortable in the role. Maybe it has something to do with the skin color of her choice of color in her men. Okay, I am not going there today, but you make the call. Who did the damn thang, Jasmine Guy as the villainous Dominique La Rue in Harlem Nights or Paula Patton in Idlewild?

But listen, I think it was Les McCain that said, “Let It Lay, don’t put your hands on it”.

Yeah, now I’m talking about the remake of Sparkle. Damn damn damn, a fool and his money will soon part. Who wants to see these remakes. I mean, I don’t, but who is the target audience? Really, there’s nothing they can do to top the joy we received in the original versions. Take for instance the other classic black films A Piece of the Action; Uptown Saturday Night, and Let’s Do It Again, that are being considered for remakes. What kind of educated fool would believe those movies can come anywhere close to the brilliance of the originals with Bill Cosby and Sidney Poitier? Aside from their monumental input, those movies were fit for a place in time.

And Sparkle? Come on, aside from that movie, we’ve seen the story in numerous forms. Sparkle was a period film set in Harlem, NY, during the late 1950s and early 1960s which follows the rough lives and careers of singer Sparkle Williams and her family and friends. Okay, we seen it a million times. A group forms, they struggle and somebody gets strung out on drugs. Opps upside my head, let me count the ways that story has been told. I can hear the winds of Billie Holliday, Cadillac Records (Etta James),The Temptations, The Five Heartbeats, Dreamgirls, The Jackson Five, Ray, What’s Love Got To Do With It and the beat goes on. And what, they’re going to show us something new about meddling boyfriends, drugs, pimps and dirty managers? Please, don’t do it. They can cut off my arm and step on my face. They can even call me nasty name all over the place but baby, don’t step on my blue suede shoes nor my classic black films. “Sparkle” ring dinged and dazzled in it’s day -even with a bunch of corny actors – but what about a time called now?


I don’t think that there should be a Sparkle remake either. That is a classic film and I don’t think that it should be tampered with. Paula Patton is a pretty face but as far as an actress is concerned….well…I won’t go there. Anyway, leave it alone and come up with an original, positive idea for a new black film.


I really don’t get the fascination with Paula Patton. Well, yes I do but not going there. :D She is just so BLAH to me.

Anyhow, I would rather Hollywood come up with an original idea for a change. But if they must remake this and if Paula must have a role, then I guess I’m fine with her playing Sister. However, can we get someone with real talent to play Sparkle? How about Jurnee Smollett? I think she’d be a great choice.


I agree with BQuest and can I add, and in yet another black musical??

Is our scope so limited, that we can’t dream bigger?


The remake of Sparkle is going to BOMB! These folks need to work with writers and STOP ruining classic films. Ugh!

I remember seeing “Idlewild” and Paula Patton was lip-syncing the real singer was Debra Killings who is Monique’s background vocalist/guitarist on the Monique show.


I really don’t want anyone to remake Sparkle…enough with the damn remakes!

eshowoman, the cranky film fan

Sister, of course, but can she sing?


Yes. As “Sister.”

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