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Acclaimed Danny Glover Drama “The Harimaya Bridge” Gets DVD/Blu-ray Release Date + New Trailer

Acclaimed Danny Glover Drama "The Harimaya Bridge" Gets DVD/Blu-ray Release Date + New Trailer

We covered this film on the old S&A site, while it was still playing the festival circuit, and when it enjoyed a lengthy though limited theatrical run in 2010.

According to Box Office Mojo, it totaled roughly $55,000 in ticket sales, playing in theaters from March through September of last year, and was well-reviewed by critics.

Directed by Aaron Woolfolk, I learned last week that The Harimaya Bridge will receive a DVD/Blu-ray release on October 18th, which is good news for those who never got the opportunity to see it in theaters. And with this news of its home video release, a brand new trailer was recut to market it, which I embedded below.

Here’s a brief recap of the film:

Executive produced by Danny Glover (who also co-stars in it), is a drama about an African-American man, Daniel (Ben Guillory) who travels to rural Japan to claim some important items belonging to his late son, from whom he was estranged. Daniel struggles to overcome his animosity toward the country, a result of his own father’s death in a Japanese POW camp during WWII, but things get complicated when he learns that his son has left behind some secrets.

By the way, Woolfolk is said to be the first African American to make a feature film in Japan.

CLICK HERE to check out a revealing interview with director Aaron, in which he talks about his experiences in Japan that led up to the film’s creation, and then watch its new trailer below:

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The trailer looks very professional (don’t laugh…that is a major problem I have with many independent black films) and the shots are beautiful. The music and shots are typical of those used in trailers for arthouse/indepdent flicks (not a bad thing). It looks as if it cost a whole lot more than what you would expect for such motion pictures. Storyline doesn’t seem groundbreaking but putting a black person in Japan is at least unique for a movie feature. I’ll probably check it out. Maybe even do a blind buy if I hear more good things about it.

Joe Doughrity

Anyone who hasn’t seen this gem should definitely check it out. A wonderful, mature drama with dimensions of Black masculinity rarely seen.


Looks interesting.

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