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America Ferrera Joins Cop Drama ‘End Of Watch’ With Jake Gyllenhaal

America Ferrera Joins Cop Drama 'End Of Watch' With Jake Gyllenhaal

Has anybody seen America Ferrera since “Ugly Betty” ended? Ever since the sitcom went off air in mid-2010, Ferrera has been seemingly off the radar in terms of projects we genuinely care about (though she did lend her voice to the beloved animated film “How To Train Your Dragon“).

Variety is reporting that Ferrera has attached herself to the cop drama “End Of Watch,” where she’ll be seen alongside Jake Gyllenhaal and Anna Kendrick. Directed by David Ayer, the film follows the friendship of two cops in the LAPD, and that’s pretty much all we know about it so far. Ferrera is set to play a female cop with the last name of Orozco, which should be an interesting turn for this actress best known for her comedic roles in ‘Betty’ and those “Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants” movies.

Ayer isn’t exactly a director we like, mostly due to the fact that his past directorial efforts “Harsh Times” and “Street Kings” felt like unabashed Michael Mann posturing, but then again with an ensemble that will also include the underrated Michael Pena, this could be worth a look.

This is great news for Ferrera, who’s excellent work on “Ugly Betty” won her and Emmy and Golden Globe right before people seemed to stop watching. She’s a talented actress, and perhaps in an ensemble like this she could really shine.

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end of watch has already been filmed and will be released in september. since ugly betty, america has also done theatre – finished a stint playing roxie in chicago in the west end a couple months ago.


You’re kind of mean. Did you really miss America Ferrera and all of her episodes on “The Good Wife”? MILLIONS of people care about that show. It’s excellent and so was she. “seemingly off the radar” You’re so off my radar now for a comment like that.


How could you not know she was on ‘The Good Wife’ last season? Alan Cumming had a serious crush on her.


My, what a tough grader! I’ve enjoyed several of Pena’s films; no need for a list, though Observe and Report is a personal favorite of demented comedy. If you’re really the conservative wannabe talk show host type that you’re portraying here, coming on like a raging tank then retreating a bit from the “r” word while reiterating your point in a slightly less abrasive way, I’m surprised you don’t find fondness for his most truly awful film of the last few years, the right-liked “Battle LA.”

And if you’re going to say that Elba and Mackie have never given good performances, then credibility can finish sailing out of the window. How about a few of your favorites, so we know where you’re coming from, or to counter the praise heaped on all those who bother you so….in the parlance of your probable idol, what say you? Or not.


Not racist, just saying you guys don’t have to praise Michael Pena just because he’s a minority- He hasn’t been in a single good movie!

Look at his IMDB. Lions for Lambs? Crash?

Like I said, maybe he just needs better material but so far he’s just had about 10 years of character roles in awful, awful movies, which is probably why he isn’t well known. How does playing bit parts in bad movies make him underrated? Is there a great performance of his I missed?

Edward Davis

We do, it’s totally true. No clue what this person is on about other than they’re probably white, racist and a Tea Party member.


I swear, you guys get the weirdest fuckin’ trolls.


haha the “underrated Michael Pena” – I love how the Playlist acts like every minority supporting actor is somehow underrated or amazing…OMG Anthony Mackie for the Bourne franchise! Idris Elba for the next Tarantino movie! (because he carried “the losers” so well…)

Michael Pena …. hmm, Battle Los Angeles, Everything Must Go, World Trade Center, Shooter, Observe and Report…sorry, he’s not underrated. Maybe he just needs better material but he hasn’t turned in a performance of note yet and literally almost every movie he’s been in has been terrible.

Although I’m sure you’re pumped to see the “underrated” Michael Pena in action in Brett Ratner’s “Tower Heist.”

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