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BET Reportedly Cancels “The Mo’Nique Show”

BET Reportedly Cancels "The Mo'Nique Show"

And I thought her late night program was one of their prized possessions! Wha happin?

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution confirms this, saying that they were told that the show has been put on “indefinite hiatus,” ie, it’s done, after just 2 seasons!

This didn’t appear to be an issue of ratings. I didn’t have time to do an entire season’s check on ratings so I sampled four weeks in April, 2011 vs. April 2010. Ratings from April 5 to April 29, 2010 averaged 615,000 viewers a night. From April 4 to April 28, 2011, her show averaged 586,000. That’s only a five percent drop.

Reasons cited include “conflicts between BET management and Mo’Nique..

Ya know, maybe that explains why Mo’Nique suddenly jumped back into feature film acting, with a supporting role in a film, which all seemed a little strange; that she’d make her return to the cinema in what read like a movie that was a step down from what she last did, with a less than impressive young, mostly white cast (read that July 19th post HERE).

It just seemed like a rush job to me!

Anyway, I never watched a full episode of her show, so I won’t exactly miss it, if it is indeed gone off the air.


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Really and truly…..I think we want to run before we walk…..we want it right now…surely the Monique’s show was a success…and maybe it desearves to be on primetime….but you don’t leave your viewers hanging without a word from the host…
So…in essence I was upset with this writer’s comments about not missing the show…..but it seems Monique and mgmt thought nothing of her fans etc….like i said i know moves have to be made in order to go prime time but who’s gonna watch you primetime if you couldn’t do your viewers rite on BET…which we know is not owned and operated by a black …..
So monique…my hat goes off to you but you disappointed a lot of people out here and if your move was legit you would’ve handled it quite differently ..

sorry things didn’t work out for you and your staff…
bot mostly sorry for those black gifted entertainers, artist, etc which would have the exposure we deserve…sometimes it’s not about you monique!!!!!


I love Monique, and I hate her show got canceled. However, to say she is a better actress than Halle are Jhud is an understatement. They are all very good at what they do, and truely are in the same boat in Hollywood. All three of those ladies will be just fine. Look at your own life!!!


It’s sad that the show was canceled. I liked it alot, even though I didn’t keep up with the 2nd season. She has great guests appear and a diverse set of musical performers. I also liked Monique’s personality; she’s always 100% herself, no matter who her audience is, she refuses to be fake. Unlike many of the commenters here, she seems secure enough about herself to not care what “others” may think of her attitude, or loudness or whatever.


I purposely waited for this post to settle down before I commented. I didn’t want my emotions (upon reading some of the comments) to fuel my opinion. I mean, the following did not hit me in the right way and WTH is coonery anyway? Are those of us that watch what others may describe as “bafoonery” some sort of coons? I mean, are we less intelligent than the “others” or some sort of simple minded idiots? What is a coon anyway. I believe the white man started that name (like nigger) and some folks love nothing more than emulating the white man to suppress it’s own people. I just don’t understand but look at this comment…

“It was indeed loud and irritating—as was Mo’Nique—and quite often barely watchable—the kind of talk show Tyler Perry’s “Madea” character might host if she were real and not some fantastical figment of a culturally and sexually oppressed and troubled man’s imagination”

Really, so the point is Mo’nique is loud and irritating, and the show was unwatchable (although 500,000! people watch it) and Tyler Perry is a purveyor of coonery (and so is Monique), and he’s sexually oppressed and a troubled man. Really?! SMDH and asking who’s right and who are the real coons… and what is a coon?

Seriously folks?! On this one, I am in total agreement with Iamthenewblack and mecca.


BET, give that show to RICKEY SMILEY OR SHERYL UNDERWOOD, we all will watch it. Mo’Nique was far better than Basketball Wives (where no one is a Basketball Wife) and tired a** Lisa Ray!


Let’s put the loss of this show into perspective, shall we? Adam Scott Thompson, rightly, described the project as a product of “the Fountain of Coonery.” It was indeed loud and irritating — as was Mo’Nique — and quite often barely watchable — the kind of talk show Tyler Perry’s “Madea” character might host if she were real and not some fantastical figment of a culturally and sexually oppressed and troubled man’s imagination. However, it did provide a much-needed voice and welcome exposure to entertainers who’d ordinarily find themselves virtually ignored by the mainstream media. So, essentially, despite its intrinsic ugliness — and its host’s — some very pleasant, attractive and valuable things derived from it.



Exactly. I think folks are so imprisoned by drawing lines from the present to the past that they can’t handle duality. People can’t digest that entertainers have the liberty nowadays to mix genres of comedy and have a show have humor at its basest form and intellectualism at its height. We as a community view art as a zero sum game either your a ‘revolutionary or your not’ it’s sad, very sad.

byron briscoe

damn shame!!!!!!!WHAT A WASTE


It’s a shame. A other posters have mentioned there were so many little seen artists and unheralded legends that got to shine on the Monique Show. She really cared about giving the people on her show a forum to put their art to the forefront. She had black athletes on her show to highlight some of the positive things they were doing in contrast to the overwhelmingly negative portrayal they get in the mainstream media. Was she loud? yes but that’s her person, in did not take away from the quality of her guests nor her ability to uplift black artists in a way no talk show has.
I think the word coonery should be reserved t shows/events that actually deserve that label instead of throwing it around at everything that is perceived to be unevolved. Monique’s show was actually the antithesis of that but I doubt most people here bothered to look at a whle show to realize that.


and oh, yeah….i hated her show. love monique but hate her show, too much yelling, screaming….i can’t take a whole hr of monique unfiltered…i just can’t.

i wish her the best though!

Adam Scott Thompson

@mantan Thank you very much! I try to do what I can do when I can do it. LOL


@Adam Scott Thompson, i just love the way you work the word “coon” into your posts!!

primer minister of coonistan, citizen coon….it’s just hilarious!!!

where’s the “like” button in this piece?!?!! lmao!!!


@ lamthenewblack

I agree with you completely Mo’Nique gave unseen writers, producers, actors, athletes a voice on her show. I loved how Mo’Nique would dedicate half her show to legends and child stars from the past.

For those of you who said she was “loud”. Who isn’t? A lot of comedians are loud males and females I actually enjoyed the Mo’Nique show I am going to miss watching her late night show. *tear* :(


I will miss this show because she had acts on there that you rarely see on the other talk shows. The last 10 minutes of the show are the best.

But was a terrible interviewer and host. She is a far better actress. Phat Girlz was such a touching movie. I was really moved by her performance there.

She needs to focus on her acting career. She can do well in Hwood.


I AM a Monique fan but as someone else stated I felt the show lacked substance and I really couldn’t stand to watch it. YESSSSS she yelled and screamed all the time which was a turn off. YES the BET door has closed but she should just be thankful she had the opportunity of a lifetime.



I think the BET show actually hurt MoNique’s career because she lost a lot of acting opportunities due to her talk show. Yes, I guess MoNique made good money from the talk show but she is also an Oscar winning actress. MoNique is a better actress than Halle Berry or Jennifer Hudson that’s for sure. I want to see MoNique get a really high profile role she can act. I think the cancellation of the show is the best for her career.


Mo’nique has turned down a lot of opportunities to do this show. Now she can move on and put that Oscar to use. The only reason why I watch and like the show was that it gave a lot of exposure to people of color that wouldn’t have had the chance other wise. I wish Mo’Nique nothing but the best on her journey. Leave Atlanta Mo and head back to Cali. Also work on the Hattie McDaniel project.


Aww, I really liked her show. I particularly liked how she had on artists/performers you wouldn’t see in the mainstream media. Unfortunate news.

Carlton Jordan

maybe mo nique can wake up and realize shes an oscar winner and move her ass to malibu where all the other oscar winners live. Mo’nique needs to take her and her twins on a stroll down Robertson with JLos twins. Bitch get a clue. You’re crossed over.

Tora Byrd

monique i am so sorry to hear this news,just last i recorded you show that was dedicated to the Five Heartbeats it was so real i loved every minute of it. All of my questions were answered it took 18 years to get them. That show and the one dedicated to James Brown with Bootsie Collins and the Rev.
Thank you Monique for all the entertainment. The best is yet to come. I’ll be waiting.

Tora Byrd

Monique , i am truly sorry to hear they are cancelling your show recently i recorded your show about the Five Heartbeats it bought me to tears i always had a lot of questions about the movie and all of my questions were answered it was your best show for me along with bootsie collins and the rev. obout james brown anyway thanks Monique i will be waiting to see you out there doin you

Adam Scott Thompson

The Fountain of Coonery just got a little drier.


Her show was pretty unwatchable.

eshowoman, the cranky TV critic

The on show I actually watched on BET. Why have a talk show when coonery, bafoonishness is so much more in vogue.


The only full show I watched was when Talib Kweli and Nicole Beharie were guests on the show. Other than that no. *shrugs*

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