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Bill Cosby 2012 15-Week Intensive Writing Workshop Wants You To Apply Now!

Bill Cosby 2012 15-Week Intensive Writing Workshop Wants You To Apply Now!

The Guy Hanks and Marvin Miller Writing program established by Bill and Camille Cosby in 1993, at the USC School of Cinematic Arts, is taking applications for 2012.

The application period is open from July 15th to September 15th.

Named in honor of Camille’s father, Guy Alexander Hanks and Bill’s producer, Marvin Miller, the fifteen-week intensive workshop was designed with a two-fold purpose: “To assist writers in the completion of a film or television script, and to deepen the participants appreciation for and comprehension of African American history and culture.

Click HERE to apply now!

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Renzie Wilson

I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to dowblaod the aplication for the screenwriting program. Is is possible for an application to be mailed to me?? I have written my first screeplay, which is adopted from my novel, December’s Eve by Renzie and I am very much interested in these classes.

Eileen H.

I assume the concentration is on African American culture because that is an area where professionals in this field are severely underserved. Who better to assist in that area than experts on the subject matter?

Unfortunate for me, it is on the other side of the country.


Got 3 in order, though not polished (read: completed). i will be entering. that is my plan.


I am a nigerian @ home, how can i participate in the bill cosby school program. Or is it by correspondent?

Hedda Lettuce

Why a concentration on any particular ethnicity?
America deserves talented writers who stop putting an emphasis on race and ethnicity, who instead focus on reality. Reality is, the entire country is in dire straits. Let’s not add fuel to the fire, eh?


Sounds like you could get the equivalent of an intensive college course taught by people who have “been there – done that.”


sounds good! I always forget about these fellowships and what not until after the deadlines have passed.

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