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Blair Underwood, Nicole Beharie, Sharon Leal, Pam Grier Starring In TD Jakes’ “On The Seventh Day”

Blair Underwood, Nicole Beharie, Sharon Leal, Pam Grier Starring In TD Jakes' "On The Seventh Day"

Follow the bouncing ball…

Our lead actress just booked another film that is paying her way more than we are, in fact her pay is more than our whole budget for the film! LOL! She has a schedule conflict and we have to split her shoot days so she can fly out for 3 days to film this other project.

Words blogged late last week by Nikki Love, producer of Matthew Cherry’s feature film debut, The Last Fall, which is currently shooting in Los Angeles, and which you all should know by now, given how much, and how varied we’ve covered the project. Of course, the lead actress she mentions is none other than Nicole Beharie.

The folks at Nicole Beharie Online alerted me to Ms Love’s blog post last week, wondering if we knew what this other film Ms Beharie booked was. I didn’t have any immediate info; however, in an email exchange with one of her talent reps earlier this morning, he revealed that the project was something called The Seventh Day, in which she’d star opposite Blair Underwood; but not much else, leaving me still wondering, though armed with more info than I had previously.

Later this afternoon, Cynthia did some digging to reveal that it was more than likely the T.D. Jakes project, initially announced in THIS Houston Chronicle article back in June, but we somehow missed; though at the time, no casting was announced.

And just as I was working to get a confirmation on what Cynthia had found, the folks at Nicole Beharie Online, clearly on top of things, tweeted THIS press release, with the title, in caps, as follows ““WOMAN THOU ART LOOSED”- ON THE SEVENTH DAY BEGINS PRINCIPAL PHOTOGRAPHY WITH AWARD WINNING ACTORS BLAIR UNDERWOOD, SHARON LEAL, NICOLE BEHARIE AND SCREEN LEGEND PAM GRIER AT THE HELM

Obviously, that’s settles it doesn’t it?

The gist of the press release:

– They’re calling it an epilogue to T.D. Jakes’ 2004 film, Woman Thou Art Loosed ;
Neema Barnette is directing;
Codeblack Entertainment is distributing;
– The film takes the audience on a “seven day journey inside the souls and secrets of a husband and wife, Kari and David Ames as they search for redemption, truth and faith while on a race to find their missing daughter. The film uses the eerie, yet peaceful and beautiful scenery of Louisiana’s bayous and the cities unique culture to depict a story that everyone can relate to, a story of a couples transformation, strength and conviction.“;
– Blair Underwood and Sharon Leal play the husband and wife; not sure what Nicole’s role is, although her character’s name is Beth Hutchins. Pam Grier plays a police detective.
– Principal photography is set to wrap on August 6, 2011.

The June article in which the project is first mentioned calls it a made-for-TV movie; however, today’s press release doesn’t say that, and just calls it an independent film. I suppose it could be both.

Anyway, so now that we’ve got all that straightened out… :)

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Everytime I see TD Jakes name attached to a film it’s like I automatically lose interest…


I am not a fan of films Christian oriented films

However because of the cast and the director I will see the film.


Well, I can’t say I’m a huge fan T.D. Jakes’ films, as I find the depictions of women to be troubling/lacking. Though I did enjoy Not Easily Broken, particularly because of the performances of Taraji and Morris. And I’m sure I will enjoy this lastest film, if only because of the actors involved.


“Though I did enjoy Not Easily Broken, particularly because of the performances of Taraji and Morris”

Ditto. I checked it out last night. I even saw TD Jake’s fat head in the movie… I think that was him? And Morris was a better man than me because I would have Thrown Taraji’s momma out of my house the first time she got up in my face, like “that”.


“they’ll capture the unique essence of of my state”

Love the state. My wife was born in Homer, I was stationed in Biloxi Miss so I went to 2 Mardi Gras, Loved the movie “The Skeleton Key” (nice scenery) and stood in the middle of the 5th ward(?) after the destruction of Katrina.

Now, this movie. I just can’t find anything that makes me jump for joy. I mean, when I see Blair Underwoods name, in my mind the movie instantly drops to a B-flick. And although Pam Grier did her thang years ago and came back in Jackie Brown, I am sorry…. I smell B-Flick.

Heck, I’ll listen, and do listen to some of TD Jake’s music, seldom his preachings, but his movies… **eyebrow raised**


Juuuust read this at Nicole Beharie’s blogsite!
I’m amped! Great cast — and TD Jakes, you can’t go wrong w/ his insight on real issues.
Plus they’ll capture the unique essence of of my state…wow, soo exciting!

James Madison

I am not familiar with the director Neema Barnette, and I have not seen a TD Jakes production, but the casting looks good.


actually, Sharon is 40, 41 but still kinda young to be her mom..but then so was Jill Scott and she still played her mom in Sins of the Mother.


well, isn’t it nice to see a post about my fav actress :-)

If they’re paying her more than the whole budget of “The Last Fall,” then it can’t be that small of a film me thinks…

Anyways, Sharon Leal is in her late 30’s, I have a good feeling she’s playing their daughter. My goodness, Blair Underwood is playing Nicole’s dad! hehe

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