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Booked: Tom Cruise Will Reteam With Christopher McQuarrie For Jack Reacher Thriller ‘One Shot’

Booked: Tom Cruise Will Reteam With Christopher McQuarrie For Jack Reacher Thriller ‘One Shot’

One month ago, reports surfaced that one of the many projects Tom Cruise had on his desk was an adaptation of one of author Lee Child‘s Jack Reacher thrillers, “One Shot,” with Christopher McQuarrie attached to write and direct. Well, it’s now all signed, sealed and delivered.

Deadline reports that Paramount and Skydance Productions (who are also backing “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol“) have all shook hands and popped champagne on the film that will shoot in early fall. But the question will be how Cruise will bulk up for the part. In Child’s novels, Reacher is a monster of a man standing 6’5” (as opposed to Cruise’s 5’7”) and weighing around 250 lbs, with sandy blonde hair and a domineering presence of the kind that makes people turn around in restaurants to see what just breezed in the door. He’s a loner who moves town to town with nothing more than literally the shirt on his back and a few bucks in his pocket. His military training makes him a dangerous weapon and he can often tear apart more than one person at once with ease. It’s not exactly our first choice for the part so it will be interesting to see how the character is shaped to Cruise’s sensibilities and/or what he brings to the table to bring Reacher to life.

In “One Shot,” the ninth book in the series, Reacher is drawn into the case of a military sniper accused of five murders and discovers a twisty cover-up along the way. Child’s books are quick, brisk reads that are pulpy as hell and filled with terse, tense action. It’s certainly big screen ready and McQuarrie — who has written “The Usual Suspects,” “Valkyrie” and the aforementioned ‘Mission: Impossible’ flick and directed “The Way of the Gun” (which has its fans) — is a strong selection to guide the potential franchise-ready vehicle.

The plan is for Cruise to make this film first before heading over to work on Joseph Kosinski‘s sci-fi flick “Oblivion” early next year. The big question now is who will co-star in the film; there is a big female co-starring role that is definitely big enough to draw an A-list name. For now, here’s the Japanese version of the ‘Ghost Protocol’ trailer which is a bit shorter and doesn’t really have anything new, but is still damn good nonetheless.

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Joe Rubino

I’ve read every Reacher book and Dwayne Johnson is by far the best choice Hollywood has to offer. Sheer size is THE most important Reacher trait. His enormous size plays an important part in every plot, and Johnson is the exact same size as Reacher (6’5″, 250). Guys like Hugh Jackman and Liam Neeson are fine actors, but 6’5″ 250? I don’t think so. You can’t get around the fact that Reacher needs to be huge, or the character does not work.

Johnson also fits the age range well, has charisma to burn, and can play the taciturn but witty hero. In fact, he has already played a Reacher-type role in “The Rundown.” Reacher has to be a guy who just shrugs and says nothing.

C’mon, if you’ve read the books, you know that half of the dialogue is “Reacher said nothing.” I cannot see Jackman or Neeson getting away with answering questions with a stare that sends chills up the other characters’ spines. But Johnson already does that perfectly.

Mr Anonymous

Absolutely ridiculous casting.

Role should have gone to Chris Hemsworth. If you’ve seen Thor then you know he’s the perfect fit for Reacher.

Kevin Jagernauth

Having read the books, Dwayne Johnson is the wrong choice too. Jack Reacher is ex-military not an ex-wrestler. @J.J. suggestion’s of Liev Schrieber (or someone like him) is right on. Dude can bulk up as he proved in ‘X-Men: Origins’ and be intimidating without while still looking like a blue collar sort of guy (another Reacher characteristic).

I’ll willing to give Cruise a shot and lord knows it easy enough to make him look big on camera. But he’ll have to get rid of his inherent Cruise-y-ness to do it right.


The Rock Dwayne J. would have been my choice. This will just be an addition to Cruise’s growing resume of super skilled, invincible heroes. If Johnny Depp likes his characters quirky with makeup, Cruise likes his to be super heroic.


People need to stop with the oh my God. In the book he’s 6″5″ and 250. Tom Cruise can’t play him. Really? Come on. It’s an adaption. Sometimes things change. Fleming didn’t describe Bond as Blonde hair and blue eyed. Yet we have Daniel Craig.

If the biggest part of him being that big is him turning heads at restaurants when he walks in and intimidating people in a fight than dramatically I don’t think that’s a big loss. Actually it’s more interesting and dramatic when you see a small guy like Cruise beat the crap out of bigger guys. Anyway in real life most highly skilled fighters and warriors aren’t crazy huge anyway. Most special forces operators or soldiers in general don’t look like The Rock or Arnold.



I think that Tom Cruise is a very fine actor and he is good looking. He is 49 and he is better looking than a lot of younger male actors. That´s my opinion.

Liev Schreiber on the other hand isn´t good looking in my opinion. And also not a fine actor.

He is a no name in Hollywood. And Tom has a fine body . I don´t think that Liev Schreiber has a fine body.

And I think Liev is younger than Tom But Tom looks thousand times better.

But that´s only my opinion.

By Jessica

Temmy Athes

Yeeeaah…He can!!! And too will be “Jordan Chronicles” biopic of Spike Lee with a script of Woody Allen. Other project is “Mao and the bowl of Nesquik” with Tom starring Mao, last script of Rafael Azcona, directed by hummmm…yeaaah Lars Von Trier. And finally Tom will make a crepuscular western in the come back to the genere of Clint Eastwood. Title: ” Arrow Rebel” with Tom as Sitting Bull and….this is the best, Cate Blanchet as Buffalo Bill. Groovy, man!

PD: Osama is dead and this is Hollywood.

Good morning my friends!


Times like these I wish Liev Schrieber was considered an “A” list actor. He would be perfect for this part. Tom Cruise is a good actor but he can’t act 6’5 250. Reacher’s size is a big part of the character. Cruise should steer his star power towards adapting Robert Crais’ Elvis Cole/Joe Pike novels instead. He would be great in the Elvis Cole role. Cast Daniel Craig as Joe Pike and you have a slam dunk franchise on your hands.

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