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Chris Brown and Meagan Good Added to the Cast of Steve Harvey’s “Think Like a Man” Adaptation

Chris Brown and Meagan Good Added to the Cast of Steve Harvey's "Think Like a Man" Adaptation

Don’t shoot the messenger.

Production has begun on Think Like a Man, the Tim Story-directed adaptation of Steve Harvey‘s best-selling “advice guide” for black women in relationships.

R&B crooner-turned-bad-boy Chris Brown and Meagan Good (Jumping the Broom, Californication) are the most recent cast members to be attached to the project.

In the film, four friends have their love lives shaken up after the women they are pursuing buy Harvey’s book and start taking his advice to heart. When the band of brothers find out that they have been betrayed by one of their own, they conspire to use the book’s teachings to turn the tables.

Brown and Good join a cast that includes Michael Ealy, Jerry Ferrara (Entourage), Regina Hall (Scary Movie, Law Abiding Citizen), Kevin Hart (Death At A Funeral), Taraji P. Henson, Terrance J (BET’s 106 & Park) and Gabrielle Union. Lala Vazquez (Two Can Play That Game) and Arielle Kebbel (Vampire Diaries, The Uninvited) also appear.

Think Like a Man is slated for release in April 2012.

From Blackfilm.

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Damn…LOL! Dead @ the Breezy stans in here…ya’ll doing too much. SMH @ all these queens and grown-ass women splashing waterfalls in their nether regions for Fistopher Brown.

It’s pretty clear why Steve Harvey cast him…instant box-office hit.


I do wish chris all the best. he’s worked really hard to get his fans back. nobodies perfect not chris, not me or you.

p.s…to those with negative comments on chris. I would love to know what you would tell your kids or grandkids if they did something not to your liking or as disappointing as chris? remember, life teaches us many lessons, its what you take from it that counts…..deuces






this isnt chris browns first movie he has been in several of them so he IS A REAL ACTOR.


They should have Chris go for Meagan in the movie would be the (Best love ever)


I’m so very proud of the casting in for this movie. I will definitely go and see this movie just because Chris Brown will be in it. I think Chris Brown is amazing young man with the potential to take his life and career to a whole different level. This is a great break for Chris and a well earn one. Congulation Chris Brown my whole family will be there.

Not Surprised

I am not surprised in the least that Chris Brown was cast in this awful, patriarchal film based on the thoughts of a crappy man who should steer clear from giving black women advice.

I hope it bombs.

Duncan MaNutz

Is there a shortage of Real Black Actors ?…Chris Brown ?


meagan good? I’m only watching for Chris, because Lord knows I hate Steve Harvey. He knows nothing about black women.


I think what Duncan was saying is why was Chris chosen over so many other actors.

What BM said is true this was casting to get behinds in the theater.

The sad thing is when you do this casting you lose more folks than you try to attract.

It’s not about him being forgiven for his past actions. This is about hoiw much attention can he get for this film if he gets into a Twitter beef, walks around anywhere or does something stupid between now and the time this film comes out.

Look at that cast-who outside of Chris Brown is going to attract attention for this film outside of BET?

There are tons of talented young actors out there and it’s not thier fault that they don’t attract attention (good or bad) or hood folks than Chris Brown can.

This was just done to get attention for the film and that isn’t fair to other young actors nor Chris Brown.

As for Takers-you had bigger names than Chris Brown in that film that could attract folks to it. TI, Matt Damon, Zoe, Jason Hernandez and others.


They got chris bc he will bring $ to the film


always something negative said about Chris Brown and you wonder why this man is so angry. It isn’t about accepting responsibility either. It’s about being left alone about mistakes. I mean dang even the Bible saids that God throws our sins into the depths of the sea (Micah 7:19) The verse before that saids that even God does not retain His anger so having said that, I feel as though the movie will do well because there are alot of great BLACK actors in the film and Chris is naturally funny.


Real Black Actors? Well he is a real person. He is black. and he is an actor, with more credits to his name than you Duncan.

This bad boy just had 18 k people come out to see him perfrom only 4 songs at the today show. not even Lady Gaga could do that.

So his fans will see it, just to see him even if he has a very small role.

He’s actually quite funny in some of his role. The movie Takers that he produced and went #1 last year wasn’t funny at all, but he got the only laughs in the action film.

You guys are such trolls! Hate hate hate away, while he stays a millionaire!


This is clearly a spoof, not a movie centered on dramatic actors. Chris Brown has more than a few acting credits. He’s naturally a real comedian, and I hope they can harnass that for this. Hard to harnass Chris Brown tho (I say that as a fan).

Adam Scott Thompson

Synopsis = Two Can Play That Game IV

eshowoman, the cranky film fan

I am so glad you guys will go see this so I don’t have to.

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