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Comic-Con ’11: Henry Cavill Calls ‘Man Of Steel’ One Of The “Best Scripts I’ve Ever Read”

Comic-Con '11: Henry Cavill Calls 'Man Of Steel' One Of The "Best Scripts I've Ever Read"

While during the “Immortals” panel in Hall H at Comic-Con 2011, lead actor Henry Cavill remained relatively quiet and stayed mostly mum on his upcoming role of a lifetime as Superman in Zack Snyder‘s “Man of Steel,” he did allow that the story is “one of the best scripts I’ve ever read.”

Written by David S. Goyer (“The Dark Knight Rises“) and based off a story by Goyer and “Man of Steel” executive producer Christopher Nolan, this is relatively good news for anyone who’s a skeptic so far (and by reading our comments section, like “The Amazing Spider-Man,” there are lots of anti-reboot cynics lurking). What else is the guy going to say, the story’s terrible? Still, during the press conference afterwards, Cavill was slightly more forthcoming on his preparations for the picture.

The first major task seems to be bulking up, the exact opposite of what he had done with his lithe figure on “Immortals.” “The next job is, for example, I’m 25 pounds heavier now than I was on ‘Immortals,’ ” he said. “[That physicality has] prepared me emotionally. It teaches you how to negotiate and win the negotiation. It teaches you how to notice the lie in your head. As my trainer says, ‘It doesn’t have to be fun to be fun.’ ” Sure, whatever that means.

Regardless, is Cavill ready for the impending publicity and attention he’s going to get by playing the most iconic super hero of all time? “You make a choice,” he said of his conscious decision to take the role, knowing there’s bound to be baggage the follows. “Whether you focus on the — and I hate the word, celebrity aspect or not — I have chosen not to [think about that]. I know I can’t make everyone happy.”

Andrew Garfield has already spoken (almost tearfully, no less) about the responsibilities of putting on the Spider-Man costume and so one has to ask, does Cavill feel similar pressures? “It’s very humbling to be chosen to represent such an enormous character with so much depth but at the same time it’s a true honor,” he said. “I want to do justice and be the right guy for the job.”

“Man of Steel” was set to land in December 2012, but recently got bumped to summer 2013, which is not a bad idea if you’re one of those fans who hopes Christopher Nolan is around to give Snyder as many pointers as possible (we definitely fall into that camp). June 13, 2013 is a far ways off, but hopefully it’ll be worth the wait. Hopefully in that time, the estates of creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster will come to terms with Warner Bros. and DC, because rights are set to return back to them after 2012, but you know WB wants more than just a stand alone film. One assumes if/when they do come to terms the Siegel and Shuster estates are going to land a very hefty payday. – Reporting by Jeff Otto

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always be closing

What do you expect him to say Mr Anon?

“This is a fabulous script, except for that failed 3rd act, and by the way, please don’t pay to go see my movie! Save your money and see something else instead!”

Mr Anonymous

How can this be the best script he’s ever read when everyone is saying the script has some serious 3rd-act problems? That makes no sense.


Keep Nolan away from this!! Visually he’s an amatuer next to Snyder.


I guess if you’re coming off ‘Immortals’ then Superman might seem like one of the best scripts he’s ever read.

Juke Early

How about aiming the criticism/cynism at all ready existing crap work & not something we all haven’t seen yet.


‘Regardless, is Cavill ready for the impending publicity and attention he’s going to get by playing the most iconic super hero of all time?’

Yeah, sure. Ask Brandon Routh. He’s working at Starbucks.


The Playlist

Hey Michael who spammed us everywhere on this site about 15 times like a tantrum-throwing teenage girl to make sure she was heard: We never claimed to be Indie. We THE PLAYLIST, have a blog on IndieWIRE because it suits both of us, but we never ever claimed to be exclusively indie, not sure where you got that idea from unless you just arrived here for the first time and I assume that’s gotta be it.

We like all kinds of movie, big, small, medium, black, white, orange, brown, etc.



Don’t forget, The Dark Knight has some terrible cop dialogue as well. Nicky Katt, in his meager role, says every clichéd line in the book. “That’s not right!” “I didn’t sign up for this!” etc. The other cop dialogue doesn’t fair much better. Someone even makes a “have a nice fall” groaner. It’s really bad.


Superman. Very independent this. “Indie” wire?


Was Goyer also responsible for the eye-rolling, completely unnecessary shtick in Batman Begins? Anyone remember “Nice ride” and “I gotta get me one of those”? Not that Nolan’s films couldn’t benefit from comic relief, but Goyer has a tin ear for humor.


I believed this statement. Goyer writes kick ass scripts. They are great reads. Maybe they usually have some third act problems but overall his scripts are entertaining reads. Blade, Blade 2, Batman Begins… He writes very visually.


I’m also going to have to read the transcript, because wtf?

“It teaches you how to negotiate and win the negotiation. It teaches you how to notice the lie in your head”

??? Oookay Henry. I hope he is not getting some sort of granola poisoning.


I want to see the screaming headline:

Henry Cavill Calls ‘Man of Steel’ Script “Pure Crap”
But says “This Is My Best Chance To Lead A Tentpole And Break Out Of The C-list”

And who could blame him? lol

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