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Confirmed! Spike Lee Will Direct USA Adaptation Of “Oldboy.” Will Will Smith Star?

Confirmed! Spike Lee Will Direct USA Adaptation Of “Oldboy.” Will Will Smith Star?

Well… it’s no long just speculation.

Mandate Pictures confirms via press release that Spike Lee will indeed direct the US adaptation of the the manga by Nobuaki Minegishi and Garon Tsuchiya – akaOld Boy.

Folks keep calling it a remake, but, really, the original Korean film by Park Chan-wook was itself based on the comic.

Spike won’t be penning the script however; that job is going to Mark Protosevich (I Am Legend, The Cell).

So… will Will Smith still star?

Recall that as far back as 2008/2009, Steven Spielberg and Smith were reportedly moving forward with plans adapt Oldboy, but were met with some complex, behind-the-scenes rights issues involving the Japanese publishers of the original manga and the Korean producers of Park Chan-Wook’s 2003 cult hit.

Spike and Will have never worked together, oddly enough, and I don’t expect that trend to end anytime soon, but ya never know.

No word on when production will begin, or when the film might be released.

In the story, a man who was imprisoned for over a decade hunts down his mysterious former kidnappers to take revenge.

So, 2 projects confirmed for Spike Lee in a single day! Go Spike!

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Dankwa Brooks

I finally saw OldBoy and reviewed it at


I take it then that Powell WILL NOT have a role in Oldboy


For some reason Oldboy did not wow me, and I love Asian revenge films. But can’t wait to see what Spike does with this, he deserves the chance to knock it out of the park and expand his audience. And z-list , greezy Powell can go to hell.


“..and that’s why Spike’s career has fluttered and bombed, and no goes to see his crap.” — Clifton Powell — Russ Parr Radio Show — May 11, 2011


Spike’s on a roll, can’t wait to see this and “Red Hook Summer”, along with “Da Brick”.


“weep and you weep alone*”

Wish there was an edit button for posts. lol

Thespian Queen

Everything sounds wonderful except for the whole Will Smith thing. Can’t wait!


Go Spike, indeed.

Oldboy is awesome. I will never NOT look at a hammer as a non-lethal weapon ever again.

Okay that didn’t make sense.

laugh and the world laughs will you. cry and you cry alone… -ohhhh Daesu.

eshowoman, the cranky film fan

I will be in line to see it. But it cannot be the same as the film or the manga.

Dankwa Brooks

My favorite quote is “Luck is preparation meeting opportunity” Oprah Winfrey. We all know Spike was prepared, now he has this opportunity!

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