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Dane DeHaan Joins Derek Cianfrance’s ‘Place Beyond The Pines’ As The Son Of Gosling & Mendes

Dane DeHaan Joins Derek Cianfrance's 'Place Beyond The Pines' As The Son Of Gosling & Mendes

A typically strong indicator of an inexperienced up-and-comer going places is landing a role in a high-profile film. It was something that happened with Mia Wasikowska a couple of years ago when the former “In Treatment” actress burst onto the scene with a trifecta of films, “Alice In Wonderland,” “Restless” and “The Kids Are All Right.”

Now, it looks like another apprentice of the excellent HBO series is headed down a similar path. Youngster Dane DeHaan, cast just months ago in John Hillcoat‘s “The Wettest County In the World” as the best friend of Shia LaBeouf‘s protagonist, now finds himself in the thick of another highly touted project, joining Derek Cianfrance‘s multi-generational family-drama “The Place Beyond the Pines.”

The actor’s casting also reveals a new, fascinating layer to Cianfrance’s ‘Godfather‘ meets ‘Deer Hunter‘ tale, as he is set to play the son of Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes who “gets caught up in a botched drug deal with the son of Bradley Cooper‘s character, a cop-turned-politician.” Will this see the cast undergo “Blue Valentine“-style aging? It’s kind of hard to picture the twenty-five year old DeHaan as the fully fledged criminal son of present-day, thirty-somethings Gosling and Mendes.

Topping things off are co-stars Greta Gerwig, who will play Cooper’s partner, Ben Mendelsohn as a friend of Gosling and Ray Liotta as a crooked cop, with Ali Mahershalalhasbaz and Gabe Fazio also involved in unknown roles. The Sidney Kimmel Entertainment-backed project begins shooting later this month and is produced by Alex Orlovsky, Lynette Howell and Jamie Patricof with SKE’s Jim Tauber and Matt Berenson exec producing. [Variety]

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A little bipolar there, Brian? Holy Jesus.

De palama

Hi JP….

Perhaps you are a hypocrite. If you are, I can show you how to deal with your hypocrisy, holy Jesus.


…. In addition to the open casting calls above,
the films casting directors are
conducting a national talent search for
the role of “Jason”. The character is a Hispanic,
African American, or multi-racial 17 year old boy. Talent between the ages of 15 – 20 can submit.
To upload your audition video, please go to the following official “The Place Beyond The Pines” role of “Jason” casting website:

National Talent search?! REAlly?…. Hispanic, African American, multiracial!!! JAJAJJAJAJAJAJJAJJAJAJa…
Here’s a joke for u guys!!!!!!?
Jeremy Ray Valdez ( The Rookie), David Alvarez ( Tony Award for Billy Elliot) and Tristan Wilds (Miracle’s Boys)


“Ali Mahershalalhasbaz”

There’s a Scrabble winner right there.

Edward Davis

You guys are choads. Cianfrance has called the picture that, not us. It’s just the easy descriptor.


Hah, yeah I wonder if he’ll appear in flash-forwards or a coda or something. 5 year age difference between him and his “Dad” is a bit far-fetched.


“Cianfrance’s ‘Godfather’ meets ‘Deer Hunter’ tale”

Come on now…I know the mad obsession with Gosling around these parts but please, do we know have to compare his in production projects to classics like THE GODFATHER?

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