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Distribution Update: “My Last Day Without You” (Starring Nicole Beharie)

Distribution Update: "My Last Day Without You" (Starring Nicole Beharie)

You may have read Kia Barbee’s reader-submitted review on this film back in June when it played at the Brooklyn Film Festival.

Filmmaker Stefan Schaefer recently reached out to provide an update on where the film is heading:

“We signed a theatrical/TV deal with Falcom Media for German-speaking territories. They will release the film in late Sept/early October in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. We also have a soundtrack deal in place for those territories. We’re in discussions with Oldenburg Film Festival for a Euro premiere there, launching us into the theatrical.

Other theatrical deals we have on the table are for South Africa. More on other deals soon.”

So there you have it.

For more on the film, visit

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Sharon Blakney

How / Where can I get this movie or watch it ?


I love that image. Actually, I love the look of the feature. Tints, shades, grades, textures, whatever. Not a camera person. Still want to see this.


I saw the trailer on You Tube and I sincerely hope this movie comes to Toronto Canada! Nicole Beharie has a lot of talent and I hope the movie is a success!


Oh great, “in a New York minute a lifetime of love”. Yeah, right.

I have a better blurp… “Love on the subway on their way to the 3 hour motel” or “they get along for one day in New York, quick and in a hurry”

I don’t know, but something just ain’t catchy enough with the New York minute thang. I’m thinking it should be something more appropriate. You know, something that speaks to the real underlay for the overplay. I got it! “Big Brown Booty in Brooklynn: Watch Mr Charlie smack it, rub it, and spin it around… all in a New York Minute”

And I have the perfect music score. Y’all know the meloody, here’s the lyrics…

I took my baby on a saturday bang, didn’t have much time to do my thang. Boy is that girl with you?
Yes we’re one and the same.

Now I Believe In miracles and a miracle has happened tonight! But, If you’re thinkin’ about my baby It doesn’t matter If he/she is Black Or White. I’m not going to spend
my life being a color, holla, cuz that funky stuff don’t have no colah

Don’t tell me you agree with me when I saw you kicking dirt in my eye. But, If you’re thinkin’ about my baby It doesn’t matter If she’s Black Or White. I said If you’re thinkin’ of
being my baby, it doesn’t matter If you’re Black Or White. What’s love got to do with it? Let’s just get our freak on and er’body get paid.



On their FB page they said they were working on U.S. Distribution right now and more news to come on that too. :)


Good news. Hope distribution will open up to at least a limited run.

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