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Emma Stone To Get Caught Between Ryan Gosling & Sean Penn In ‘Gangster Squad’

Emma Stone To Get Caught Between Ryan Gosling & Sean Penn In 'Gangster Squad'

It looks like the sausage party of “Gangster Squad” is getting ready to add some estrogen into the mix, with another high profile bit of casting to add to the already awesomely/ridiculously stacked ensemble.

Word has been knocking around for a couple days now, but Variety confirms that Emma Stone will mix it up in the gangland pic. Once all the contract stuff is worked out, Stone will play Jean, a mouthy looker who gets caught up in a love triangle between gangster Mickey Cohen (Sean Penn) and one of the men tasked with taking him down played by Ryan Gosling. Femme fatale, much?

Stone joins Josh Brolin, Anthony Mackie, Michael Peña, Giovanni Ribisi and Holt McCallany in the true crime flick about a specialized L.A.P.D. unit set up in the ‘40s to fight the growing influence of the East Coast Mafia, namely that from infamous gangster Mickey Cohen, a mogul who started as muscle for Al Capone in Chicago. The film is based on a series of articles in the L.A. Times by Paul Lieberman and was picked up soon after its publication in 2008 by Warner Bros. who, in turn, hired former L.A. cop-turned-novelist Will Beall to adapt with his script landing on the Black List.

No word yet on who will replace Bryan Cranston who was forced out due to scheduling woes, but it looks like the chemistry between Stone and Gosling won’t end with “Crazy Stupid Love” (opening this weekend).

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Isn’t Sean Penn old enough to be her grandfather? Sorry that’s gross. Is there no actress out there that is at least 30 to play his love interest? His love interests keep getting younger whose next Elle Fanning?

meta This won’t be like LA Confidential, because there aren’t any murders to solve here.

Mr Anonymous

I have to agree, we all know she’s a great actress but Emma Stone does seem rather young for the role.


The real question is will this be more like the great LA Confidential or disappointing Public Enemies?

Kevin Jagernauth

Geez, have you guys not seen any gangster movie ever?


Am I the only one that’s grossed out by Penn and Stone being love interests in this movie?


Still weird with Sean Penn. C’mon guys… u don’t find this weird?


In this film, Josh Brolin’s role is a married man…. (The role of his wife has yet been casted, though.)

Kevin Jagernauth

Just to be clear, Stone will be in a triangle with Penn and Gosling. Yes, Brolin is also hunting Penn but he won’t be boffing Stone.


wait… she will be love interest to Sean Penn… and Brolin….


she wont be Jean. that’s impossible.


Damn! The cast was perfect, but Cranston had to leave which will now start a dominos effect of the cast, starting with annoying Stone.
I don’t know. Maybe of bitterness towards her will change with this.


Emma Stone has been fantastic in every movie I’ve seen her in. I’m only recently catching up with Gosling’s movies – saw Lars and the Real Girl today and he was so engaging and entertaining. Blue Valentine next. I can’t wait for Drive.

She has great chemistry with Gosling and I can’t wait to see their movie this Friday.


you actually have it backwards……Brolin’s character is the one tasked with taking down Penn. Gosling joins him…but it’s Brolin first.

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