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First Look At Al Pacino As Phil Spector In Forthcoming David Mamet Directed Biopic For HBO

First Look At Al Pacino As Phil Spector In Forthcoming David Mamet Directed Biopic For HBO

Though in the works for a while now, we didn’t realize that the Al Pacino-starring, David Mamet-directed Phil Spector biopic had started rolling, but we’re glad it has.

The New York Post has snagged the first look at Pacino as the famed music producer prior to his transition to his crazy big hair phase. Penned by Mamet, the film will chronicle the relationship between Spector and his defense attorney Linda Kenney Baden (Bette Midler) with Jeffrey Tambor playing Bruce Cutler, another member of the defense team. Spector was put on trial in 2007 for the murder of actress/model Lana Clarkson. The first trial ended in a mistrial, but in the second he was found guilty and sentenced to 19 years to life in prison. Before coming back into the public consciousness as a killer, Spector was famous for his Wall Of Sound production, which helped create the instantly classic songs for a variety of girl groups including The Crystals and The Ronettes, and he was even enlisted to mix The Beatles last album “Let It Be.”

While we were utterly dismayed at Pacino’s appearance in the upcoming Adam Sandler cinematic disease “Jack And Jill,” this project will go a long way towards rectifying that situation. Pacino seems to be becoming a regular player over at HBO, winning huge praise last year for his award-winning turn in “You Don’t Know Jack,” and this looks it will definitely be another Emmy baiting project. So, we’ll forgive Pacino doing big, dumb and brazenly terrible studio projects if he keeps following it up with stuff like like this. No word yet on when it will hit — or even what the title is — but keep your eyes peeled for it to land in 2012.

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Vivian Carbonaro

Al will always be the best actor of our cinema time. No matter what part he takes whether or not the script is up to our liking or his, or whatever direction he chooses to go now in his full life career, lets not ever forget he has earned the right to do so. You are the best Al. I love you! Xoxo


Al Pacino is one of my favourite actors and a true legend of cinema, but if it wasn’t for HBO he would be involved in truly mediocre cinematic releases. Angels in America and You don’t know Jack are brilliant films and hopefully this will add to that great collection too. Although, I am still hoping that his return to the gangster genre will help him to regain his prominence in mainstream cinema aswell.


Pacino is gonna rock again after You Don’t know Jack and Angels in America.


Pacino looks brilliant. Another great movie in the making.


Say hello to my little wig (or not so little)!


Is this a dark comedic version of Spector’s story? With Bette Midler and Jeffrey Tambor in it it makes me wonder. And Pacino looks like hell in that picture. Way too old to be playing Spector, sorry Al.


I was praying I’d click on this article and see Pacino with the following epic Phil Spector hairstyle:

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