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First Look At Mos Def As Brother Sam In “Dexter” Season 6

First Look At Mos Def As Brother Sam In "Dexter" Season 6

Nothing special, as you can see above (full image is below), but I’m posting it anyway.

The last time Mos Def was on any screen, big or small, was in 2009, when he costarred in Next Day Air, and an episode of House M.D. most notably. Since then, he returned to the stage to work with Jeffrey Wright and Nicole Beharie, in the John Guare play A Free Man Of Color, which I saw and reviewed on the old S&A site.

It’s was announced last month that Mr Def will be returning to the small screen to join the cast of the Showtime Network hit series Dexter!

Def plays a character named Brother Sam, described as “a reformed criminal who runs an auto-body shop. He crosses paths with our resident serial killer when one of his employees comes under investigation… Dexter is 
unconvinced that Brother Sam is a man who found God and changed his violent ways,” says executive producer Scott Buck to EW.

As you can clearly see in the photo, Dexter really does look unconvinced, doesn’t he? :)

So, does Dexter eventually slice up Brother Sam? Tune in when season 6 begins…!

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Julius Hollingsworth

Mos def in my opinion is a wonderful actor and has been one for a while.While maybe his signature role may not have appeared yet,I’m sure it will.The Gifted artist I’ve met are humble and open to learning.Mos seems to be all of these.


I’ll admit I passed on Next Day Air but I have enjoyed Mos Def in some of his quirkier roles. I think if he goes with a very naturalistic style of acting in this part he’ll be enjoyable.

However I don’t think he’s been in a role where he can really shine.


@ Shianne M

“I find it funny that ppl who have never acted or even been in front of a camera think they now what qualifies as a good actor/actress. Second who the hell is Debzel W?”

Um..Do you know me?? I graduated from Theatre school I have an agent and yes, I do know a thing or too about what qualifies a good./bad actor for your information. Oh, and I’m pretty sure you know that was a typo. QUIT being a stan!


First of all Lynn Mos Def was an actor turn rapper not the other way around. He is a good actor and better then most people in the industry both in Movies and music i.e Hip-hop. I find it funny that ppl who have never acted or even been in front of a camera think they now what qualifies as a good actor/actress. Second who the hell is Debzel W?


I keep going back to the same movie to “defend” Mos, but if you see HBO’s “Something the Lord Made” you would be convinced he’s a very good actor. It’s very hard to portray a humble character who does not come off passive or weak and has a very quiet strength, and he did it very well. He was also very convincing as a detective in a Lee Daniels film with Kevin Bacon, can’t remember the name


Am I the only one who doesn’t buy into him being an “actor”?? I think he is mediocre at best I don’t see an “actor” I’m sorry he is boring on camera “Italian Job”, “Cadillac Records”, etc. YAWN! He needs to stick to rapping and quit trying to play Debzel W. in movies.


I wish I could find the quote. But Mos Def started as an actor and because he wasn’t getting any roles so he turned to rapping. He said he had a bit part in the “Cosby Mystery Series” (I think that’s the name), the television show after the “Cosby Show” series ended.

Think it was in “Rolling Stone” magazine.

That’s why he is a good actor.


Now I’m going to have to catch up on Dexter see how Mos Def fits in to the story. He’s the only rapper turned actor I enjoy watching. That House episode was the best in the series.

Mike Wilkerson - The DEXTER Podcast from 2GuysTalk

Thanks for sharing a great picture! I have to tell you, Mos Def is probably the most curious casting choice I’ve seen this season so far. I love his flair, and what he (like too few actors) can do with just his eyes. Here’s to hoping we’ll see something extra special in season 6 for SURE from Mos Def on DEXTER!

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