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First Trailer For “Battleship” (Rihanna’s Big Screen Acting Debut) Surfaces

First Trailer For "Battleship" (Rihanna's Big Screen Acting Debut) Surfaces

Here’s your very first look at the upcoming Universal Studios big-budgeted, live action adaptation of Hasbro’s naval combat board game, Battleship.

The movie is important for sooooo many reasons, most notably, it’ll mark songstress Rihanna’s big screen acting debut! History in the making here folks…

Rihanna stars alongside Alexander Skarsgard, Taylor Kitsch, and Liam Neeson, with Peter Berg directing; the film is expected to be delivered in theaters in May 2012.

The film reportedly takes place “across the seas, the skies and over land in a battle for planet survival against a superior force.” Kitsch stars as a Naval officer who leads the fight and Skarsgard will play his brother in the film.

I have no idea what Ms Rihanna’s role in it is; but it looks like she’ll be one of the headliners, though she’s barely visible in the below 2-minute trailer. Blink and you’ll miss her.



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This is what is called “deflection”. In other words YOU’RE the one who is ashamed of their family., but deflect it by passing it on me. Ain’t gonna work

@Sergio *raised eyebrow*
LOLZ. Yeah no. You made derogatory comments about a Caribbean young woman’s accent and physical appearance. All of a sudden I am to know that you were … joking? Really? Where was that context in your original comments? Considering the fucked up history of colonialism and devaluation of accents and appearances that are not English? Considering that shit like that is still happening? You are right that I don’t know anything about your family and how they joke around. All I have to go on is what you wrote, so if I misconstrued your intent? Not exactly my fault.


i’m not “downgrading” anything as you put it. You don’t know me or my family or our history or know that we laugh and constantly, almost daily, make fun of each other and our “funny” accents and what would be to other people our “strange” ways. We have absolutely no shame about anything and are proud of our heritage and culture.

This is what is called “deflection”. In other words YOU’RE the one who is ashamed of their family., but deflect it by passing it on me. Ain’t gonna work


Dude, the fact that you are downgrading your own does not speak well of you. People with island accents can have adventures too. Yes…even “backwoods” ones. Why the hell should the middle and upper classes have all the fun? So can “big forehead” people.


I just gotta say…
This isn’t Rhi’s acting debut…
Do people not research these days??
She was in Bring it on: All or nothing in 2006.


@JMac-HHAHAHAHA! Naw, just making jokes. For real, I’ve always thought Halle was beautiful, even pre-hair removal :-D

I likes ’em O Natu-Rale!


Wasn’t that Bring It All a straight to video release? I think this movie would be her “big screen” debut.

@Jug – You really take too much pleasure in HB’s old look. But yeah, she had that black bulbous nose too. But she was still cute and not (noticeably) crazy.


This looks like some shullbit! Anyone else notice the similarities between JJ Abrams’ “Star Trek” and this. Kirk was an “enlisted” man who showed great aptitude in the academy but was an “eff up” who was suddenly thrust into battle when an unexpected, powerful enemy emerged. Thus giving him the opportunity to show he’s a true leader despite his unconventional methods. Just like in this movie.


came here to see rihanna. I guess I blinked, because I didn’t see a dam thing.

Miles Ellison

Pretty sneaky, sis.


Hey guys, get used to these boardgame flick. As long as ppl will actually spend a single cent on this nonsense, they’ll keep producing them. Whoever said, Connect Four the musical… you’re not even coming close. I’ll bet on Connect Four… on ice :)

@ Jug
Thanks for the article link. Very enlightening.


@ jennifer

Coming from a West Indian family background I have A LOT of relatives with a “backwoods island accent” and if they were cast in a movie I would want them to get a vocal coach too so I now of where i speak

And second I’ve got a big forehead too so once again I know of where I speak

Miles Ellison

The film reportedly takes place “across the seas, the skies and over land in a battle for planet survival against a superior force.”

Does that mean that aliens are going to be calling out letter/number combinations and sticking large pegs into the ships?

I think I’ll wait for “Connect Four, the Musical.”


@ Sergio “backwoods island accent” ??? OMG save us from people sounding different from us mighty Americans!!! “big forehead Rihanna”? What the hell are you, a school yard kid? And there is no way you could have criticized her casting without attacking her personally? Did she piss in your cornflakes or something?


P.S, I assume Rhianna took vocal lessons to hide that backwoods island accent of hers. If not then I guess she just nods her head a lot in the film


God does this look AWFUL! I mean even the masturbating addicted 14 year old boys the film is aimed at have to be tired of this horseshit

Go ahead and let big forehead Rhianna be in the film. If Naomie Harris or Nicole Beharie had been in the film people would have been complaining why did they sell out to be in a film like this? Actually I’m surprised Liam Neeson is in it. I mean wasn’t he supposed to be considered a serious actor? Hasn’t he made enough money already?

And why is Peter Berg stooping so low to make this Michael Bey wanna be crap? I thought Friday Night Lights and The Kingdom showed he’s a pretty solid director. He doesn’t need to do this.


@JMac-Back when Halle had the hair lip and those sideburns LOL I kid, I kid :-P


@Mecca From the looks of this film, they don’t need any females at all. They could’ve deleted the white girlfriend role and it’d be the same movie but I guess someone said there needs to be more tension between Liam and whoever that guy is. It’s the same old Armageddon setup – Liv Tyler wasn’t really necessary but apparently it wasn’t enough for oil rig workers to destroy an asteroid that could kill everyone on earth. Gotta throw in some Daddy v. Daughter, Daddy v. Daughter’s boyfriend drama. Doing that for the female audience? I’d be more likely to watch if they left that junk out.

It’d make more sense if they hired Chris Brown for the sake of tokenism, but Rhianna? Better be a love triangle or something substantial going on with her character otherwise it’s a complete waste. Although, the movie’s a complete waste anyway.

“So my question is, when do Young Black Actors/Actresses get a shot at being the new fresh face on the big screen ? Just like their White peers.”

They don’t unless we put them up there. Sometimes I tune in and watch A Different World/Cosby Show reruns and it still surprises me of all the young talent there who went on to do bigger and better things – even Halle Berry was on an episode or two and you could tell she wasn’t “big” then because nobody clapped or cheered when she came on stage.


@Duncan-They don’t. WE don’t. I’m usually the one touting that Hollywood is an equal opportunity discriminator but even I have to admit things have gotten A LOT worse in Hollywood over the last few months, even years. I won’t say TP has something to do with it, but it’s just a symptom. Hollywood is a cold-blooded place where folks would eat their young for a spot in the next Bruckheimer flick but there often has been a semblance of protocol & cycles. It would often go back & forth with it’s love affair with minorities (see rash of Jet Li/Jackie Chan & favorite rapper/black person movies, the “neo 70’s black movie” in the early 90’s Renaissance). But since the economy has fallen apart & the rise of a visible “one-stop shop” for Black anything (where TP fits into the equation), Blacks & other minorities are slowly & most assuredly being pushed out of most facets of the game because, like with UPN, the “Why do we have to have them in ‘our’ shit when they have ‘their own’ shit” is on auto-pilot.

I am seeing more & more breakdowns where the roles that were written African-American are then re-released as all ethnicities. Now, a re-release of a role is common-ages, heights, colors change all the time-but it’s odd that roles are written for a specific ethnicity and then go “open” and a white actor is cast. Not only is this odd but it’s becoming waaaay too common. It isn’t like there are enough roles written Black, Asian, Latino as it is, but to have them start out as such and then go “open” (white) is crazy!

Basically, I’m seeing a real circling of the wagons, and as my fiance puts it, “folks are lookin’ out for their own”.

And if y’all think it’s just about “creative” choices…

So all the anger about Rhianna, Trey Songz, LL, 50 Cent is right as rain, but it overshadows the fact that if Idris or Anthony Mackie ain’t home and a “suitable” rapper/singer can’t be found, then it’s either eliminated or cast white.

Sad shit indeed

Duncan MaNutz

@ Ghost

“By being in this movie-she just got attention for it from the black community. BET and the rest of the black media would ignore this film if any of those actress was in this”…

So as I said this is just a Black thing, because I see tons of random white folks with no fan base in films and they are Up & Coming Actors/Actresses not Big name Pop Stars.

So my question is, when do Young Black Actors/Actresses get a shot at being the new fresh face on the big screen ? Just like their White peers.



They cast her because Hollywood needs a token ethnic actress in this film to make it complete.

Hmm, this kind of reminds me of “Battle Los Angeles” (2011) they had token rainbow cast w/ Latinos, Blacks and Asians ALL who had very little speaking roles and no back story.


@JMac-LOL Boy I tell ya, y’all always trying to recruit :-P

Yeah, I watched the first season & it was good..until it turned into typical Lifetime “we are women we need to sit around a bottle of wine & cry” mess by the end of the season. It was promptly escorted OFF my TiVo LOL


Ooh, thanks Jug. Forgot about the Army Wives actress. That show needs to be on another network then I would’ve watched more than a couple episodes. Of course, it took me a little while to realize she was black… and a Delta. She should be an AKA ;)


@JMac-ARMY WIVES-Wendy Davis, a Howard U alum :-D


I didn’t even see her in the trailer – and I’m not going to watch it again. Not sure why they even cast a black chick. It’s just a white boys and their toys flick.

Trying to think of any movie/tv show with a black female military character and only one that comes to mind is Tasha [Rose Rollins] in the L Word. She kilt that role. I’d rather see her but not in this movie.


@ Duncan

Here is how it goes-all of those actresses you named do not have the fanbase of Rihanna. By being in this movie-she just got attention for it from the black community.

BET and the rest of the black media would ignore this film if any of those actress was in this.

Look at the body of work of tho actresses you named. 2 of them have starred in hit WHITE tv shows-Joy Bryant (Parent Hood) and Jurnee Smollett (Friday Night Lights/Defenders). Megan Good was in one of the Saw films.

it not thier fault that they don’t appeal to most black people. They take care of thier business without clowning for attention, stripping nake for magazines, beating up on men or doing Tyler Perry films.

White folks do it but look at the movie those singers are in. Big blockbuster films like this will not feature singers in major roles. They start in those low budget films that will come out and make a quick profit like Friends With Benefits. Or have a minor role in a big budget film like Fergie did in Planet Terror.

Oh and don’t think there isn’t another reason this girl got this role.

Guess what film is suppose to be out in theaters before this one? Think like a Man starrrinig Chris Brown in April.

Don’t think one of these films won’t change dates so we can have Chris vs Rihanna in theaters.


Transformers, more than meets the eye…

Oh wait. Wrong franchise.

Had me fooled!


She’s at 1:41 doing the ‘whooaaa’ face–all those acting classes paid off


And they actually did an aerial view to look like the boardgame, Boooooooooooooooo :-(


Wow, that looks…bad

Duncan MaNutz

I guess all of the young hot Black Actresses were busy.
Megan Good
Joy Bryant
Gugu Mbatha-Raw
Naomi Harris
Jurnee Smollett

So how does this process work ? Producers sits down with casting and they say “Get, Alexander Skarsgard, Taylor Kitsch, and Liam Neeson…oh and we need a black person, umm let’s look at some black singers we don’t want a black actress in our film”. This is what I don’t understand if this process of having a Hot Pop Stars in movies is more profitable and marketable why don’t white folks do it all the time. It’s only black folks that get cheated out of a performance….Isn’t there a list of Black Actors/Actress some where ? and why is it being overlooked ?

p.s., “I already wont my money back”.

E C Forde


You know it ‘s sometime from Aril 1st.

Are film based on Battleships how long before a See Monolopy at my loocal Flea pit.

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