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Flashback – “Black Girl” Film By Ossie Davis

Flashback - "Black Girl" Film By Ossie Davis

Black Girl is a 1972 film directed by former actor, playwright and social activist Ossie Davis. The film is based on the off-Broadway successful play, Black Girl, by J. E. Franklin and tells the story of young girl’s desire to become a dancer despite being a high school dropout and facing ridicule from her half-sisters.

The cast includes Peggie Pettitt, Loretta Greene, Leslie Uggams, Brock Peters, Claudia McNeil, Louise Stubbs, Gloria Edwards, Kent Martin and Ruby Dee.

The film wasn’t received well by critics but many were encouraged by the acting with a review from The New York Times saying…”Some of the acting is very good. Peggy Pettitt, a newcomer, as a quite complicated Billie Jean; Gloria Edwards as the more evil of the half-sisters; above all, Brock Peters as the rich, nimble, sweet-talking Earl.”

Below is the trailer and a clip along with the theme song “Black Girl.”

Betty Everett “Black Girl” by OnTheRecord

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Hey @Cynthia! As soon as I posted that I thought “or go to Youtube” D’oh! lol I watched the rest of
“Black Girl” and it truly is a great film. It had engaging characters in situations that are (unfortunately) still all to familiar to many of us. Plus, I remember brothers like EP and the true affection they had for those cars! It was real and genuine. I’ll have to add this to my DVD collection.


This movie brings back hot summer nites in the city circa 1970’s , where i actually saw it at an 3rd rate movie house the illustrious – STRUMDY DUMP THEATRE, and even then it was a revealation, this underrated gem is akin to director-Ossie Davis other movie -Gordan’s War, both are great acting vehicles and cinematic touchstones.

Melissa Hunter

I remember this film because I saw it about 10 years ago. I remember being confused because the main character couldn’t pronounce Ballet.

Kunle Adekolo

Great film, if you can find it.

This is where I bought mine . . .

Dr. Boogie

Who is the guy doing the voice over for the trailer?!?! He was on all the movies. I remember him from Sheba Baby AND Cleopatra Jones. He’s so serious, it is hilarious!


Hey @KikiDee, you can view the rest of the film on Youtube. :-)


The first ten minutes is interesting. Guess I’ll have to rent it from Netflix.


I really liked this film, Gloria Edwards was frighteningly good as one of the evil sisters, she stole the entire film. But overall, this isn’t a patch on Ousmane Sembene’s film of the same name, it just doesn’t have enough bite to it, and it’s not subtle in any way, also, the plot isn’t very memorable, but the performances overshadow most of the flaws.

If I had to rank the Ossie Davis directed films I’ve seen, this would be the order:

1. Cotton Comes To Harlem
2. Gordon’s War
3. Black Girl

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