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Google+ Update: 20 Million Users Projected by This Weekend, User Tips, Will It Survive?

Google+ Update: 20 Million Users Projected by This Weekend, User Tips, Will It Survive?

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Will Google+ take off? According to this report from Paul Allen, Google+ will reach 10 million users today–thanks to the increasingly popular invitation button–and 20 million by this weekend. Google+ turns two weeks old today (here’s Wired’s must-read history), and Allen’s statistics give evidence that there is in fact a demand for Google+, despite Facebook already having 750 million users. Moreover, Google is not doomed even if this social-networking attempt fails. Google+ has posted this message (pictured) for those not adequately connected to receive an invite.

— Shimrit Ben-Yair, product manager in charge of the Google+ social graph, told Wired:

“On Facebook I overshare. On Twitter, I undershare. If Google hits that spot in the middle, we can revolutionize social interaction.”


I pored over Robert Scoble’s useful Tips on Google+, but remain unclear as to how to focus my Google + efforts. (I swiftly figured out that shutting off email notifications was a good idea.) So far it’s clear that Google+ is great for people who socialize on Facebook and/or Twitter and want more control over what goes where. But my friends and family aren’t yet on Google+; my daughter remains loyal to Facebook (interestingly she finally came around to Twitter as she was leaving college). The early Google+ adopters in my biggest circle (“work friends”) are the same gang I know from Twitter and Facebook.

For someone like me who churns out content for a living and relies on Twitter–which automatically feeds to Facebook and LinkedIn– this presents yet another network to master and use in an organic way. I worry that people who already follow me on various networks will get sick of me sending them the same stuff yet again. Google+ seems to demand original posts, which means adding something extra to my plate. What are my goals? What do I want to achieve? In order to answer that question I simply need to spend more time on Google+ figuring it out–and time is something I don’t really have. Someone tell me what I am missing, beyond another opportunity to enhance one’s brand and get caught up in some kind of competitive Klout race. Please.

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Joanne Feinberg

With you too Anne, although I’m looking forward to reading your updates about what you learn from others who DO have the time to figure it out!


I’m with you. I don’t REALLY get what the point is yet. I guess the person or persons who figure that out will be the ones who jump to the head of the class on it, so to speak.

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