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Gotham Is Crumbling In ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Teaser Poster

Gotham Is Crumbling In 'The Dark Knight Rises' Teaser Poster

While Christopher Nolan won’t be swooping into Comic-Con with anything goodies from “The Dark Knight Rises” fans should be plenty satisfied already. An early peek at Tom Hardy as the villain Bane arrived a while ago and this week will be bringing more than anyone could ask for with the film in the midst of shooting and not to set to open for a year.

The official website is now alive and kicking and brings with it the teaser poster for the film. It’s stark, it features the Batman logo and it looks like Gotham is some rough shape. Of course, the plot is being kept securely under lock and key, but with Bane and Catwoman along for the ride, the film is shaping up to be the biggest one of the franchise yet. Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard, Juno Temple, Josh Pence, Daniel Sunjata, Diego Klattenhoff, Burn Gorman, Nestor Carbonell, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, Matthew Modine, Tom Conti, Brett Cullen, Chris Ellis, Josh Stewart and a surprise cameo will all play in Nolan’s film that will be utilizing IMAX extensively and feature a score, once again, from Hans Zimmer who is already hinting at what kind of soundtrack we might hear.

A teaser trailer is expected to hit this week online and in front of “Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part 2.” Shooting continues through the summer with the film set to hit on July 20, 2012. Full poster below.

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Michael Yanes

I think it looks great.

Fawk U

You are gay.


Really looks like they used some left over images from Inception




Your analyst seems very plausible, Bakunin115, I’m currently reading ‘No Man’s Land”.


a mix between Batman Begins poster & Inception poster


While the poster is well designed and evocative, I can’t help but feel that Nolan and WB need to mix it up a bit. I understand that it screams CHRISTOPHER NOLAN and that by itself has marketing value. But it feels….


It could be that the poster gives away more than expected. The imagery suggests Nolan might be borrowing from the “No Man’s Land” storyline where Gotham is hit by a major earthquake, and maybe there’s a dash of “Knightfall” with Bane. Picture this: The city is devastated by a major quake and Bane (possibly aligned with the League Of Shadows) tries to take over. Just a shot in the dark, the poster might just be hinting at something completely different.


I am hoping I’m wrong though.


I work as a projectionist at big theatre in Northern CA, and unless our trailer list for this week is updated, like now, and we get a TDKR teaser in secretly and separately from our other trailers, which we’ve already received, there will probably be no teaser with HP.


reminds me of the ‘inception’ imagery actually.


i like it quite a bit. hope the trailer is actually released this week.

Michael Bay


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