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Great Black TV Commercials From The Not-So-Distant Past

Great Black TV Commercials From The Not-So-Distant Past

Well O.K. I confess. I wouldn’t call any of these commercials great or even good for that matter. But they’re some fascinating viewing nonetheless.

Some person (God bless you whoever you are) has posted online some Afro Sheen commercials from the 70’s. Sure they look totally campy and antiquated watching them today, but they do reflect a period of time, not so long ago, when attitudes were quite different than what they are today.

Or let’s put it this way – could you imagine Beyonce, Nicki Minaj or Chris Brown doing a commercial like this today? Yeah, I thought not.

And among the group is the now infamous Frederick Douglass Afro Sheen commercial. Yeah, go ahead and laugh. Wasn’t funny back then. We took it very seriously

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Black people were trying to use Vitalis and Brylcream in their hair before Afro Sheen or Soft Sheen came on the market. That was some messed up @%*! right there. Naps did not respond to white product formula. At first any black person wearing a “Natural” soon to be re-dubbed the “Afro” was considered an intellectual. It didn’t take long for that novel myth to be debunked. It got debunked with a song on the radio singing a chorus that went “ just another dumb cat with a natural too!” Then after J.J. and “Goodtimes” it was down hill fast.


Agreed with the other posters. What happened to us?!!! We were once proud, black and strong. A beautiful people and now where do we stand? Brothers gotta work it out! *Black Fist Raised In The Air*



Thank you. I was feeling a bit sad as well watching these.

Black and beautiful – damn, what happened?

This multi-racial dream we’ve been chasing hasn’t been working out for us. And so much for that talk about post-racial America.

LeonRaymond Mitchell

There is nothing funny about these commercials and I am not laughing just smiling at how back then a sister was A SISTAH’ and no such word like sell out could be hurled at them and we bandied together to get things done -if we had those folks from that era’s mindsets we would have created our own Hollywood by now instead of bemoaning the fact that we can’t get Black films done and our films can’t get distribution when we refuse to bad together in talented large numbers and create a studio system in which we would employ our own and seek our own.

No it’s not funny but sad cause Black folk are as lost as ever in time I have seen and I make Latino Films cause they know how to get together and produce with out cutting each other down. I will not be back into the Black thing cause that’s like going head long in a trash dumpster!

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