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Idris Elba Officially Announces His Candidacy To Play “Luke Cage” (Who Else Is In The Mix?)

Idris Elba Officially Announces His Candidacy To Play "Luke Cage" (Who Else Is In The Mix?)

So, in case you’ve haven’t been paying attention in the last few months, a number of actors have been campaigning for the opportunity to play Luke Cage for Marvel Studios.

Most recently, Tyrese Gibson said in an interview while promoting Transformers :Dark Of The Moon, “ I’ve been interested in that project and have been keeping my eyes on it for years… Marvel just has to make Luke Cage a priority. Everybody wants to see Luke Cage. I got my headband ready, my muscles are ready, and I’m ready for Luke Cage.

Also, Isaiah Mustafa has also been actively campaigning, going as far as to create a short video featuring himself as Cage. We posted that previously, but I embedded it again below if you missed it.

And yesterday, at Comic-Con, while discussing his character in the upcoming Ghost Rider movie, Idris Elba for the first time publicly threw his name into the hat of potential candidates to play the part. Attendees of the festival say that Idris talked more about Luke Cage than he did about the film he was there to push – Ghost Rider.

The crucial part of the conversation went like this:

Host: Are there any other comic projects you [Elba] would like to do?

Elba: [Takes a deep breath and dramatic pause] Luke Cage, [he says in a deep voice, crowd reportedly goes wild] We [Marvel] just need to know that you [the fans] want that.”

I should add that, unlike the other 2 actors, Elba does already have a multi-picture deal with Marvel, so, I’d say the money is on him to play the part – at least, of the 3 gentlemen mentioned in this post. There are likely others being considered as well.

But all this noise about Luke Cage lately could very well mean that a film based on the character could very well be closer than we think, and an announcement might be imminent… maybe.

But I agree with both Elba and Tyrese… about Marvel needing to make Luke Cage a priority and get the damn thing into production, after years yacking about doing it.

Other names rumored to be in the running include Michael Jai White and Terry Crews.

So who should play Luke Cage? Watch a couple of video campaigns below.

Here’s Mustafa making his case for cage:

And here’s one that was sent to me pushing an unknown actor named Erik Thomas Wilson:

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eric jerome dickey

Neither understand Luke. I doubt if anyone campaigning has read the comics or the Alias series. Both videos have action, but unfortunately neither have heart. Cap Am had heart. They have to find the heart of Cage. Sans heart, it will be nothing better than a Black Exploitation film.


As long as the script is GOOD no problemo…If it’s pure camp, I say let MJ White have at it


@Aaron-The link isn’t working but that is definitely a good one. I pledged some loot to him a few weeks ago! Gonna get my AARON DAY graphic novel boy! LOL

Arron Day

So bored with this. Stop begging the White establishment and let’s get our own heroes on the page and screen!


Didn’t I do a rant of some kind about Idris being quick to throw his name into the pot regarding ANY black superhero character even without knowing the director or reading a script?

I bet he couldn’t name three important facts about Luke Cage. I would have written “five important facts” but I don’t think there have been that much worthy information created for Cage.

Dankwa Brooks

I thought Black Panther was a young cat at least early 30’s. Idris might be 39, but he could play mid 40’s EASY. The thing is by the time most of these black actors get any notoriety they are like way old like Terry Crews, Michael Jai White and even cats like Djimon Honsu who everyone pegged to be Black Panther but is now too old.

I say cast that kid from ‘Attack the Block’ in a few years John Boyega. He’s 19 now and hopefuilly if this buzz stays on him by the time he’s 23 or 24 he can play Black Panther.


Aldis Hodge for T’Challa and Adewale Akinkuoye for T’Chaka.


Chiwetel Ejiofor should play the Black Panther.


I agree about Idris as Panther, but I think it should be a tv show. Superhero films are drying out. People are still going to see Cap. America, Thor, Iron Man, Batman out of a loyalty, because they saw the first one or they want to see Avengers, or they want to see how Batman trilogy ends. But comic characters like Cage, Black Panther, Dr Strange, the New Mutants & Justice League are going to have a hard time justifying their budget & tentpole status, especially since they are unknown/lower tier characters. And the better storytelling is on tv anyway.

Can you imagine the life & characters that can be introduced & expounded upon through 5 seasons on FX or AMC, especially for a Black lead? And all the black actors that will HAVE to get work episode after episode, directors & writers als?! Not to mention tv is the future, before the internet.

Yeah, 3 & out is too short for Cage & Panther.


Tyrese? No. Mustafa? No. Unknown actor in horrible trailer? HELL NO.

*Pulls out pom poms and chants:* Idris, Idris…he’s our man! If he can’t do it, no one can! Gooooo Idris! :D

LOL Seriously, I am with darkan. Idris would be perfect as The Black Panther. Luke Cage? I dunno.


This is actually the second time Idris name checked Luke Cage. On the ‘Thor’ press tour he said he’d like to do the role. He’d be great, but he needs to do it quick. He’s close to 40 (39 in September), which doesn’t make him a great candidate for a franchise.

While he’s older than Idris, Michael Jai White would kill it. For a good example, check him out in ‘Blood & Bone’.


As much as i fantasize about stalking, i mean seeing Idris in a dark, secluded lounge with low, sexy music playing in the bg, I’m a little tired of hearing his name pop up in all these casting discussions.


No, that’s all wrong. Idris should be The Black Panther. He would be perfect for that role!


I have no idea who Luke Cage is and why these comic book heroes are being pimped so hard lately but I’ll place my vote for Idris for completely selfish reasons… and it’d be funny to see him wearing a headband and a mini afro with sideburns.

On second thought, does Antoine Fuqua act?


Hmm, Tyrese & Mustafa??? I don’t think so…

Michael Jai White perhaps.

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