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If You Missed It…Listen To The S&A Live Podcast Season 2, Ep 14 (“The Help” Controversy)

If You Missed It...Listen To The S&A Live Podcast Season 2, Ep 14 ("The Help" Controversy)

If you missed out on yesterday’s S&A show, please listen below. The enlightening conversion was thoroughly enjoyable. I have to say, S&A readers definitely ROCK! We covered a few “controversial” hot topics including:

The Help and, based on your responses, why there’s so much trepidation.
-We touched on Sapphire and her new book. Should it become a film? And the whole “poverty porn” syndrome
-Black filmmakers tackling the black church in films

We had some great call-in questions and responses as well. Of course the chat room was filled with hilarity and film talk.

If you need to download the podcast you can go HERE. As usual, make sure to join us again next Wednesday at 8pm/est for another live podcast. Don’t forget to leave your comments or suggestions. We read all of them. See ya next week!

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Really enjoyed the show. Great calls. Great discussion. Particularly enjoyed the discussion about Scorsese and “Godfather”/Smith and “Dogma”.

“The Notebook” – I have never seen it either. Have purposely avoided it and any Nicholas Sparks book-turned-films and will continue to do so.

The kind of films I’d like to see are more dystopic, sci-fi, psychodramas with Black female leads, diverse casts with spiritual/metaphysical themes explored in non-typical Hollyweird fashion. Give me Solaris or Stalker, reverse the roles, the race of the characters, the setting…

Shameless Tarkovsky plug, but his work is a major influence for me.

Prior to “Precious” what would be the most important/impactful Black film in recent years???

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