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indieWIRE’s Project of the Day: Underground Music Doc “Riot on the Dance Floor”

indieWIRE’s Project of the Day: Underground Music Doc "Riot on the Dance Floor"

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“Riot on the Dance Floor”

Tweetable Logline:

“Riot on the Dancefloor” is a feature-length documentary about a mailman’s infamous punk club in one of New Jersey’s worst ghettos.

Elevator Pitch:

What does it take to turn a lifeless, concrete bunker into a legendary club that hosted some of the biggest bands? What does it take to forge a thriving, vital scene in a downtrodden, dangerous city like Trenton, New Jersey, with nothing but flyers, postcards and pre-internet word-of-mouth? It takes passion and a dedication to the independent spirit that drove the underground music scene. It requires the ear of someone attuned to diversity and a set of balls big enough to book the envelope-pushing bands that most promoters wouldn’t touch. That man was Randy Now, and this is his story.

Production Team:

Our Team:

Director: Steve Tozzi
Photography: Ken Salerno
Producers: Amy Wuelfing, Steven DiLodovico, Peter Tabbot

About the Production:

It is the story of how hoards of misfit kids found an unlikely home and the inspiration to go out and challenge the world around them. It’s a universal tale of violence and unity; of champions and underdogs and, above all, the freedom and liberation of complete creative control.

Current Status:

The film is currently in production, fund-raising.

For more information and to support the film:
Film’s Website
Kickstarter Page

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this one

Al Carter


Jason Dermer

Lets do it!


1) VOTE 2) Delete history and cookies 3) VOTE AGAIN 3) repeat !!!!! (not that we’d EVER condone cheating….)…this is SO cheap, if your project can only win by cheating then it is not a win but a MAJOR LOSE

jenny Ono

The fact of the matter is nothing states anywhere that voting was limited. This film already does stand on its own asnd will shine in its entirety as well. The team behind this film are working hard and dedicated pouring over 20 plus years of history. People are beyond willing to support this project because it represents the live of thousands of people and that transcends states and country. Maybe it was a little sneaky but not one person from other projects wouldn’t have done the same thing had he or she known first. It was an honest misgiving that one person whole heartedly regrets. Nobody wants to see this project’s future jepordized, most of all the people working on it. There is nothing but passion fueling this project not only on the part of the team but the waiting audience. After all how low can a punk get? When it is something they want bad enough and it is worth fighting for you have your answer. There was nothing but eager passion behind these efforts and I can’t imagine any less comes from the people behind the other projects.



John Smith

Your team of CHEATERS:

Steve Tozzi, Ken Salerno, Amy Wuelfing, Steven DiLodovico, Peter Tabbot — SHAME ON YOU, you might win this but you’re a bunch of cheating LOSERS.

heather k

Can’t wait to see this!

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