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Jim Sheridan Aims to Spook You in Trailer for “Dream House”

Jim Sheridan Aims to Spook You in Trailer for "Dream House"

Acclaimed Irish director Jim Sheridan (“In America,” “My Left Foot”) takes his first swing at the mainstream thriller genre with “Dream House,” and by the looks of the just-released trailer things look awfully tired.

With a great cast that boasts the formidable talents of Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz and Naomi Watts, “Dream House” has the type of prestige pedigree that makes it an immediate must-see on paper. The film follows a New York publisher (Craig) and his wife (Weisz) who move their family into the home of their dreams in a quaint New England town. Their bliss comes to a halt when they learn that the previous tenants were brutally murdered. Watts plays their new neighbor who may (or may not) have details on what went down.

If that sounds like a ‘been there, seen that’ storyline, the trailer won’t make you feel otherwise. It opens up on an appropriately creepy note by using one piano key to killer effect. But then midway through the thing, a seemingly huge twist reveals Craig to possibly be the killer. Talk about a spoiler. Can someone say “Shutter Island”?

Are we being too harsh? You be the judge by checking it out below:

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The only saving grace possible I can see is that if they show all of these twists substantially in the trailer…maybe there’s something more mind-blowing that we aren’t being shown? If that’s the case, that’s actually a good idea, to have such a set of twists and not even have it close to the end. I love it when a movie’s plot seems impossible to advance any further, yet somehow it does…and admirably so. Maybe Sheridan’s saving something EVEN CRAZIER.

Or, the movie will be as tired as you said…that is the more likely option. But at the same time I just don’t see why a trailer for a thriller would take all the thrills away in under three minutes.


Both the trailer and the poster clearly say this film stars Daniel Craig, Naomi Watts and Rachel Weisz, with Watts being the 2nd lead. So you Indiewire have done it once again, slighting Watts by placing her after Weisz.

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