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John Coltrane Died Today… Watch “The World According To John Coltrane” Now

John Coltrane Died Today... Watch "The World According To John Coltrane" Now

Today in historyJuly 17, 1967, John William Coltrane died from liver cancer at Huntington Hospital in Long Island, NY.

He was just 40 years young.

Below, watch the hour-long 1990 documentary The World According To John Coltrane, which was made in cooperation with his then widow Alice Coltrane. And feel free to list your favorite John Coltrane moments/tracks.

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Okay, after reading everyone’s wonderful choices, I had to go back and listen to them all – one mo again.

Since I’ve always favored the down, slow, sensual and moody side of Coltrane’s music, along with Kind Of Blue being my all time favorite, I’m narrowing my choices to Dear Lord, Naima, My Little Brown Book and After The Rain. However, as Jmac mentioned, Coltrane played with so many, so I think I am going to have a Coltrane day and see what I can find.


Naima and Dear Lord. So beautiful.


Naima,chu chu cheerie and the incomparable-Inch Worm-perform live!.


Can’t pick a favorite song – he played with so many greats. Favorite memory: One of my music professors had a large collection of videos from old shows black jazz musicians performed on. He had one excerpt of Saint John using circular breathing. It was the first time I’d ever seen it used. It still impresses me.

It might be on the Ken Burns Jazz documentary dvds or on youtube somewhere.


“A Love Supreme”, especially the chants.


Tambay, you asked for favorite Coltrane moments/tracks.

**Damn, what will they think now**

I was a heroin addict since the age of 18, and your question instantly took me back there. Back then I loved nothing more than listening to MIle’s Davis’s Kind Of Blue, in which Coltrane played sax, . Also, you probably know that Coltrane and MIles both had heroin habits, which was another strange connection. So ,along with their music, I felt their vibe and what they were going through. If I have to pick one of my favorite Coltrane cuts, I’d have to go with “My Favorite Thing”

Damn, now you got me thinking about Cannonball Adderly’s “Mercy Mercy Mercy”. Those were the days, mercy me, the good and the bad and the… I can’t go back there!

I’ve written about it @


Thanks for the link.

Favorite tunes:
My Favorite Things, In A Sentimental Mood, A Love Supreme


Only 40. A shame.

My Favorite Things.

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