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Johnny Depp Looking Likely To Walk The Plank Into ‘Pirates 5’ As ‘Stranger Tides’ Crosses $1 Billion

Johnny Depp Looking Likely To Walk The Plank Into 'Pirates 5' As 'Stranger Tides' Crosses $1 Billion

“It boils down to story, script and filmmaker,” Johnny Depp said back in the halcyon days of early May in the run up to the release of “Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.” “It’s not something where I would say, ‘Let’s shoot it next month to get it out by Christmas 2012. We should hold off for a bit. They should be special, just like they are special to me.” But it’s amazing what $1 billion dollars can do.

While Depp pretended to be a holdout due to the phantom integrity of the franchise or something, let’s face it, “Pirates 5” is only a matter of time. Terry Rossio was hired to pen the screenplay at the beginning of the year, and with ‘Stranger Tides’ now joining the billion dollar club it’s all just a matter of Disney execs carving out a space on the calendar to get everyone back together for another stab at ‘Pirates’ booty. And now The Wrap reports the Depp, the once cagey, semi-holdout, is close to inking a deal once again wear that very, very lucrative eyeliner.

The real meat and potatoes of the ‘Stranger Tides’ haul has come from overseas. When the film opened, it scored the biggest global debut of all time and indeed, three quarters of its international take has come from abroad. ‘Stranger Tides’ is now Depp’s third billion dollar movie, the third largest international film ever and Disney’s biggest international movie all time. Who needs a good script, right?

No word yet on if Rob Marshall will return — some new blood, likely a studio wishlist, was recently rumored — but as with everything, it will come down to what Depp wants and he can pretty much call the shots with the franchise at this point.

So get ready universe! Another soggy, unnecessary, middling and yet bafflingly successful ‘Pirates’ movie is going to be on the way — and you asked for it. More info likely to come at the D23 expo in August.

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I am not as sure as others are if Johnny actually loves the character or not. He wanted to stay away from it for awhile and do other projects, I believe by now he is just getting tired of having to play the same character over and over again. He might “love” the character of Jack Sparrow because he created him and he technically is a part of history, that’s all. I feel like KitCon does. Johnny needs to get away from Burton and the Macabre. He seems to only make films with Burton, Verbinsky and Disney’s Jerry Bruckhiemer.
Pirates 4 was merely a good film, just like Pirates 3 was. Nothing worth remembering in it. He will sign on, they will rush it and he will receive his huge paycheck. Anymore, it is all about the money, not the script or the creative influence Johnny “could” have. Johnny needs to use the clout and artistic influence he has on alot of his films to make them great.


I think its great if he loves a character and gets paid so well to play it then why not? Johnny has said that he wants to make the audiance happy and stay true to himself. And though these movies are his first sequels, he loves the unique character that much so more power to the guy. It was smart for him to somehow make them wait to make more movies so that they werent rushed and could be made better with time.


Theory: did JD’s Brando connection influence Capt. Jack? The performance wafts Brando’s “Missouri Breaks.”


Or you could say JD is the biggest non-CGI star at the box office. Better him than another Marvel tie-in. Plus he made the pirate movie huge. Yeah he shoulda skipped the last 3 Tim Burtons and his Dillinger sucked Warren Oates’ balls, but a man’s gotta eat. Your last picture makes a billion yer not gonna give a fuck about “interesting descriptors.”.

Jessica Kiang

Filthy rich beloved children’s entertainer, Johnny Depp…

I dimly remember a time when he’d have had more interesting descriptors before his name. But then again, I remember when all round here was nothing but green fields, far as the eye could see.

Johnny Depp is making me sad.


Johnny obviously loves the character and I don’t begrudge him his paychecks but I do wish he could use his clout to bring back the simple, coherent fun of POTC 1. I also wish he’d challenge himself more, work with other directors not named Burton, Verbinsky or Marshall, and be more particular about the quality of his films.

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