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Join Us Tomorrow! S& A Livecast Season 2, Ep 14 (The Controversy Surrounding “The Help”)

Join Us Tomorrow! S& A Livecast Season 2, Ep 14 (The Controversy Surrounding "The Help")

Guess what people…time for another live podcast with the S&A Crew. Going over some of the comments, we can see you guys have got some things on your mind. Join us tomorrow night at 8pm/est and we can chat about it! So what’s on the black cinema buffet for tomorrow?

The Help and, based on your responses, why there’s so much trepidation. Are we becoming to “PC” about things?
-Will discuss Sapphire and her new book. Should it become a film?
-Black filmmakers tackling the black church in films

As usual, you can check us out HERE or download the podcast at a later time. You can call (347) 215-8777 to talk with us or join in the chat room. Remember, leave your feedback in the comments section as well. See you tomorrow!

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I just want to say one thang. I hope they let me on the show tonight! Yes sir reedy deedy, I am locked and loaded on the scheduled topics, and ready and willing to jump right in. I feel like a child on Christmas Eve. I am dripping with anticipation because I’ve been naughty and sometimes nice (on the above subjects) so I can’t wait to see what might be my reward. Will it be something that makes me jump for joy, or a smoldering clump of black coal that will make me tuck my tail and slink away. It’s Wednesday, July 13th, 3PM CDT, I am calling “dibs” and “shotgun”.

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