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Kasdan’s “Darling Companion” Gets Release; Or How Film Journalism Lacks Cojones

Kasdan's "Darling Companion" Gets Release; Or How Film Journalism Lacks Cojones

How could every trade paper–including indieWIRE–republish a press release without any context? What sort of journalism is this? One might like to believe that the New York Times doesn’t simply rehash White House press releases–although maybe it does–but I was surprised to see the announcement that production company Werc Werk Works sent out about Sony Pictures Classics acquiring their latest film “Darling Companion” just one day after I reported about the company’s transgressions. Was it just coincidence or a little strategic media deflection?

Honestly, I expected at least one outlet to mention the Werc Werk Works story that indieWIRE published yesterday. Is our collective memory that short? Or do journalists buy everything they’re spoon-fed?

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