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Kevin Costner In Talks To Be Leonardo DiCaprio’s Henchman In Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Django Unchained’

Kevin Costner In Talks To Be Leonardo DiCaprio's Henchman In Quentin Tarantino's 'Django Unchained'

Quentin Tarantino may not have landed the biggest movie star on the planet, Will Smith, for his controversy-bomb slavery Western “Django Unchained,” but that doesn’t mean he’s starving for A-listers: Jamie Foxx has taken over the title part, originally intended for Smith, while Oscar-winner Christoph Waltz is going to be Dr. King Schultz, Django’s pal and mentor, Leonardo DiCaprio will take on the principle villain (and appears to be locked in now), slave-trader Calvin Candie, and Samuel L. Jackson will be Candie’s principal house slave, Stephen. And now, another big name has signed on, making the film perhaps Tarantino’s most traditionally starry to date.

Deadline reports that Kevin Costner is in talks to play Ace Woody, the mandingo trainer who serves as Candie’s right-hand-man — a part that, when we made our casting suggestions a few months back, we suggested Danny McBride for. Different strokes for different folks… Costner may not be the megastar he was in the mid 1990s, but he’s still a name with cachet, and he’ll be in another giant film at the end of 2012, as he’s playing Pa Kent in “The Man Of Steel” — so it looks like, happily, the likes of “Swing Vote” and “Mr. Brooks” are behind him.

It’s actually a pretty ace bit of casting, playing neatly against type — we’re perhaps surprised that Costner’s prepared to take what is a relatively small role, but it’s a smart move on his part, and a promising one for the film. As for the rest of the cast, Mike Fleming also reports that Tarantino is looking to find a newcomer for the part of Broomhilda, Django’s wife — not entirely surprising, considering the amount of nudity in the script, but it suggests that Kerry Washington, who was mentioned not long ago, is now out of the running. Filming will start later in the year, and the film will hit theaters on December 25, 2012.

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Leah Zak

@David – I believe you are right, thanks for the catch.


I believe the author meant to say “but he’s still a name with cachet” not “cache.”


Actually Costner was considered for Bill, not just Warren Beatty.

Edward Davis

Yes, yes, you are missing something.


I don’t get what is so controversial about Django Unchained… Am I missing something?


Scotty Harmony: Fat Neil from Community

I actually don’t hate the Costner casting and I weirdly like somebody’s Marlon Wayans suggestion. I know a Wayans?Weird.


Nope, that was Warren Beaty.


Didn’t Tarantino want Costner for a part in Kill Bill?


As much as I hate Costner, I’m sure Tarantino can direct him in a superb way.

A reader of django unchained

first off wtf!?

how is dicaprio playing candie, when calvin candie is supposed to be an older dude! He owns his own plantation, and presides over his Mandingo fights. Secondly, Stephen and Calvin Candie grew up together, and Stephen is described as old with a white beard……hmm now ace woody is kevin costner….wtf Kevin Costner should play Calvin Candie and DiCaprio should play Ace Woody, If you read the script the real villains are Stephen and Ace Woody.

My choice for casting being a fan of the script.

Django= Marlon Wayans, Michael Jai White..Jamie Foxx is ok by me since I dig him and he works

Calvin Candie: WITHOUT A DOUBT SHOULD BE Keith Carradine. Who else?, he was in theives like us, nashville, the long riders, plays a good guitar perhaps have him play a banjo as an allusion a la david carradine playing the flute in kill bill. Keith Carradine IS Calvin Candie there is NO ONE BETTER.

Ace Woody…i was picturing a younger actor someone in there 30s….If leo dicaprio was really cool he would play this part but since hes gotta be a headliner….i mean if de niro could take a part like the one he took in Jackie Brown why cant DiCaprio take Ace Woody? Woody is the real bad guy since Candie dies.

Stephen: Sam Jackson..greeat… if not sam jackson Andre Breuer( dude from Glory and that recently cancled show with Scott Backula)

Broomhilida: Sydney Potier..NO ONE ELSE.

Stacy Keach could play the guy who owns the plantation where django and king kill the three brothers, the guy who leads the comical raid. PERFECT FOR STACY KEACH!

Leo MoGuy: Treat Williams. why not.

Amerigo: Franco Nero, if not, Terrance Hill if not then Geroge Hilton or Fabio Testi or Ray Lovelock or Tomas Milian… one of these cool oldschool european actor/icons.

Scotty Harmony: the sidekick in Eastbound and Down, yet he might be too old. The fat kid from Terri.

anyone else i forget?

the aussie guys from the mine company can be any actor from down under…

Candie’s Sister: Busy Philips/ Bjiou Philips/ Brittney Murphy would of been best.

cursed film remains cursed

lol cv

your “great” cast apparently has no faith in mos since they are signing up to do movies opening against the film. lol lol lol 4eva

and cast is iffy anyway


and how is this film a “controversy bomb”…? because it is about a slave?
please jump up to 2011 with us, bro.


….and give me Martin Lawrence over Foxx any day.


Karma, congrats on the dumbest comment ever.

Getting a script polish and fine tuning things is no sign of a curse. Neither is having a great cast.

Two movies that haven’t even started shooting yet … I doubt their release dates are “locked”

Kevin Jagernauth

“Man Of Steel” has not been dated.


Aren’t Django and Man of Steel scheduled to open on the same week in late December? So, one of MOS’ big draws will be pulling audiences away from MOS, or at least splitting his audience? I’ll bet Warner Bros is so pleased. Damn that movie is cursed. They start filming in a couple of weeks and they just got a new scriptwriter to start a rewrite too.


Awesome… Costner should be great playing against type. Tarantino is one director who know what he wants from his actors and coaches them accordingly.

Edward Davis

Jamie Foxx was great in Collateral. He was very good in Ali and solid in The Soloist too. I don’t love him in this film either, but he is good when in the hands of a good director. He’s also an Academy Award winner for Ray (which is a fine pantomime, maybe an extraordinary one, but i don’t love, love that movie).


why do I have to remember Tarantino is a huge fan of “Revenge?”

I’d be more excited for this if it Jamie Foxx wasn’t in it, he’s pretty much terrible in everything. Hopefully there’s still time to replace him…


Nice. Just the sort of part Costner needs. Remember, Tarantino is a huge fan of ‘Revenge’.


pitch perfect if happens. Love the role reversals of waltz and costner

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