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Kevin Costner To Play Slave Fighting Trainer in “Django Unchanged”

Kevin Costner To Play Slave Fighting Trainer in "Django Unchanged"

You got to admit that Quentin Tarantino always manages to put together the most interesting cast list in the most interesting roles for his films. And here’s further proof.

Along with Jamie Foxx and Leonardo DiCaprio, it now looks that Kevin Costner will join Django Unchanged in the villain role of Ace Woody, the slave fighting trainer in the film.

According to the description of the role, Woody is “the sadistic trainer of the male fighting slaves who entertain the white patrons of Candyland as well as the female slaves who are forced to be prostitutes.

Furthermore, Woody “pits the “mandingo” fighters against one another, and has little qualms about mistreating and even killing the slaves who don’t measure up.

I have a feeling that Tarantino will have some other surprise casting choices up his sleeve to be revealed soon.

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Dankwa Brooks

@eshowoman LOL as well, but I like QT and I’m interested to see what he does.

As much as I like his work I didn’t think ‘Basterds’ was all that so we shall see.


@eshowoman, basically. LOL


@ CareyCarey,

I’m not really being fair comparing the two as I haven’t sat down and watched TOMBSTONE all the way through. And you’re right. Great casts in both features.

*sigh* On my vacay next week *adds to list TOMBSTONE along with SHERLOCK HOLMES and more JAMES BOND features and other movie(s) that everyone else praises, that I haven’t seen but want to* LOL

the list is mighty long btw ;-)


Tamara, I’m feeling your entire post, I could have been it’s author. There is however one small thing we could talk about. Tombstone vs. WYATT EARP.

I am shaking my head because I can’t draw the line. Really, there’s so many small details that I liked about each of them that I refuse to pick one over the other. I loved Val Kilmer’s Doc Holiday, and I can’t tell you which movies shoot out scenes I liked the best. I’ll also take Sam Elliott over Michael Madsen’s Virgil Earp. But don’t get me wrong, each movie had a perfect mix of actors. So I remain torn.

eshowoman, the cranky film critic

Sounds like slavery is a result of a few mean white men & a good white man with a Negro side kick saves the day. PASS!


Excellent in OPEN RANGE. Excellent (or the film was) in WYATT EARP.

Can’t say that I’ve seen TOMBSTONE all the way through, though the world claims it is the greatest Earp/Holliday/OkCorrall movie ever.

Honestly don’t have much of a desire to ‘go there’. Costner and Quaid and Hackman (Kasdan screenplay…thank you was a better view for me.

I love Costner most often than not, minus a few films, one being his non-accented role in ROBIN HOOD, though Alan Rickman and Morgan Freeman help make that bad boy much mo’ betta. I even stand by THE POSTMAN and WATERWORLD. Costner fan for life! LOL


Zeus, I loved Costner in Open Range along side Robert Duvall. In fact, Open Range is pne of my top 5 westerns of all time. I can go on and on about that movie… and Robert Duvall! Heck, I know many people didn’t like Water World but I found it enjoyable.

Now, since he, Costner, hasn’t really been doing much of note, when I think of him hooking up with Quentin Tarantino, I’m smelling Oscar. Can anybody say “show me what you’re working with Robert Forester”

Yep, Monique took the words right out of my mouth “Tarantino is no stranger to inventive casting”


Having read the script, I just don’t know about this one but yeah, Tarantino is no stranger to inventive casting.


The tiny interest I had for this movie is officially dead.


Costner does his best work when he plays a tough, rugged villan. Or tough guy in general.

He was excellent in OPEN RANGE.


I can’t picture it at all.

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